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  1. MiniNeurone in Lost Hills
  2. Help Support the 2023 United States Free Flight Team!
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MiniNeurone in Lost Hills

From :Frederic Aberlenc
Jes Nyhegn from Denmark will have some
MiniNeurone available at Lost Hills in Feb
Best regards


Help Support the 2023 United States Free Flight Team!

$5 gets you a chance to win an heirloom quilt!
Thanks to the efforts of Randy Secor, Tiffaney O’Dell, and especially Larry and Toni Norvall, we have a beautiful quilt composed of historic free flight T-shirts to raffle off with proceeds going to support the 2023 US Free Flight Team. In addition to the quilt, we will raffle off a new-in-the box Cox T.D. 0.049 engine and a Chinese-made electric Free Flight model (Flies better than you would think). Additional items will be added to the raffle each week, so multiple winners will go home happy. Tickets are $5 each or five for $20. The raffle will be held this February at the 2023 America’s Cup banquet in Lost Hills. Need not be present to win.
Tickets are available online and images of the prizes can be viewed at the NFFS website store:

Tickets will also be available for purchase at Lost Hills during Fab Feb. We would like to add an additional item each week leading up to the raffle so check in frequently to see what you could win. Also, if you have an item to donate that you think would generate interest please contact Blake Jensen, USFFT Manager at

Fab Feb Pre-Observations

It has been reported by reliable sources that there is already grass on the field at Lost Hills

At this point we have 91 people entered, still know of some people who have said they are coming but not entered yet and there are some notables who always enter on the last day. Depending on where you are in the World sign in at 10 Feb and first event on 11 Feb is just a month away, plus or minus a days or so.

When you enter online we check your FAI ID against the FAI database to make sure it is correct, if we see a discrepancy we will let you know.  We have had few replies that have said (implied we are serious professional sportsmen so we know what we are doing) it is not problem everything is correct.  Over the years we have observed that some NACs are better than others and people make mistake, like saying that a well known F1A sportsman is a lady or the typical confusion over FAI ID and FAI License. It is your FAI ID that you have on your aircraft wing.  While you can correct an error in your AMA membership on the field and , heaven forbid write to correct number on the wing with a felt tip marker. Trying get to your NAC when you sign up on Friday to correct your FAI license before you fly on Saturday can be problematic.  All of this pre-checking is to make it go easier when you arrive at Lost Hills so you can focus on the flying.