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  1. Fab Feb Updates
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  3. Hank Cole Videos
  4. Helping Len Surtees
  5. Ike HLG update

Fab Feb Updates

We now have 111 entries.
But in a recent discussion with some local flyers they said that they had not entered yet because there was still question if their work schedule would let them come and people have told us that a very well known East European F1C champion is coming because he is bringing them some goodies.  That well known flyer has not entered yet so if you know him or daughter or any other person well known or not that has said they are coming ask them to make sure that they have pre-entered. Similarly if you think that you might have to cancel at the last minute still pre enter. We prefer that you pre-enter and we get everything correct and you  cancel rather than a big panic to get entry done 5 minutes before the round starts along with others like you. Even when you just show up for an FAI event we/you will enter online at the field. Much easier to do it at home, even if you are techno-turnip and need help from the grand kids to use the computer.

Not all of the 111 people are flying in the Kiwi Cup on Saturday but if 80 people show up, many from outside the  USA on Saturday AM we are not going to get it organized before start time. People from outside the USA have to have AMA affiliate membership, aka American Insurance. This means fill out a form where English may not be your first language. When you pre-enter, we check if you need that affiliate membership or not and fill out the form for you and just have to sign it when you resister on Friday.
We check that you FAI ID is in the FAI data base and tell you if it is not. A number of NACs have changed their procedures and this year there seems to be more little issues than usual that need sorting.
When pre-entering you do not have to pay any money, so if you have to cancel or even change the events you are flying there is no issue. You pay on the Friday 10 Feb.  The small number of people who come later pay when they arrive.

All of that

All of that about was a long way of saying that if you are coming to Fab Feb for the FAI events, World Cup  and /or Mini Events pre enter.
Fab Feb Online Sign up Is available at
Additional Information is below  for the remaining  events
And online at

Hank Cole Videos
From: Fred Terzian

Ates Gurcan, our Oakland Cloud Dusters web master and member managed to record a couple of YouTube videos with Hank around 2017 at one of our club lunch meetings in Newark, and a presentation about his involvement at a local SAM 21 meeting in Saratoga on the 2019, 50th anniversary of the Apollo Moon landing. They truly show what a great man he was.
Interestingly, two of our members pictured in it are now deceased (Roger Gregory and Richard “Dick” Douglas.

Helping Len Surtees
From: Fred Terzian
Currently, I am trying to make arrangements to have someone pick Len Surtees up at LAX on February 8th (Wednesday) for a ride to Lost Hills. He is more than willing to pay a “volunteer”, including gas money to hitch a ride.

I have been in touch with some of the So Cal clubs to see if they could
advertise this need, and someone also suggested I touch bases with you about the European and Israeli contingent that are planning to come.
If their flights coincide with Len’s arrival, maybe that would make more sense as they would be making reservations for cars or transportation to Lost Hills.
If you can help contact Fred Terzian

Below is his schedule

“Hi Fred
I am flying with Fiji   airlines. Departing Brisbane, arriving at
LAX International Wednesday the *8th at 11:50 am, Flight number FJ 810*
I would expect to pass through immigration/customs by *2 pm*. I have one checked in bag, being my model box ( 12″ x 12″ x 33” ) plus my backpack, that’s it, I travel light.
My return flight from LAX is again with Fiji airlines. *Flight number  FJ
*Departing on Wednesday the 15th at 10:30pm*.
Definitely need to be ready to check in at least *3 hours prior to
departure*, ( 6 hours is more comfortable, not having to worry about
possible delays on the roads).
Best regards, Len


Ike HLG update

The well know Australian HLG flyer Len Surtees has generously donated one of his latest metal winged HLGs as an incentive to enter the Ike HLG. Len is a real craftsman and his HLGs are top performers. There is a drawing for this from those who enter and FLY in the Ike HLG event on Sunday 12 Feb. So if you are HLG flyer at any level make sure you show up and fly. As we said above no pre-entry needed for Ike AMA events.