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  1. NFFSU Needs You!
  2. Super Magic 6 Update

NFFSU Needs You!

From:Ross Jahnke
The National Free Flight Society just completed its second AE24 competition
for college age students. We’ve been working with Dr. Gary Fogel at San
Diego State University since early 2021 to create and implement this event.
In spite of efforts to reach college students from other institutions, all
of the entries have come from SDSU students. In an effort to involve more
students at more schools, I would like you to help reach *current *faculty
in aerospace/aeronautical engineering departments around the country.

If you are such a faculty member or have a friend, colleague, or relative
who teaches mechanical or aero engineering, please contact me at the email
below. I will send you some brief copy about the Annual AE24 competition to
pass along to your friend in an email. It will include my contact
information so they can follow-up if they are interested in  having their
students participate.

Here are the rules from 2022:

1. This *Free Flight * model may be from a kit, published plans, or of
your own design; be creative!
2. Wingspan shall not exceed 24 inches (61cm) when it is in assembled
condition. The wing is the largest flying surface on the model no matter
the configuration. Fuselage length is not limited. The flying surfaces
shall provide the sole source of lift (no balloons etc.), and may be made
from foam, balsa, and/or tissue paper.
3. The propeller shall be an unmodified commercially available plastic
freewheeling propeller up to 8.5 inches (22cm) in diameter. Weight may be
added to balance the propeller. The propeller will be the sole source of
thrust for the model.
4. A wound rubber band shall be the sole means of energy to turn the
propeller (No R/C, electric motors, engines, catapults)
5. Flights will be timed from the moment the model is launched to the
time it lands, measured in seconds.
*Bonuses for balsa and tissue construction.*
6. Final score will be flight time multiplied by 125% for all balsa wood
or balsa wood & tissue airplanes with a stick fuselage. No foam flying
7. Final score will be flight time multiplied by 150% for all balsa wood
or balsa wood & tissue airplanes with a built-up fuselage, where the rubber
motor is inside the fuselage. No foam flying surfaces.


Super Magic 6 Update

Super Magic 6 is the Android program used in conjunction with the Magic Dongle to set and program Magic Timer that were programmed by Super magic 4 on a PalmPilot.  Super Magic 6 had been available for sometime. This release 094e corrects some errors that can occasionally occur when setting servos 3 and 4 at last steps in the program sequence.

It is here

Information in general about Super Magic 6 and the Magic Dongle can be found on the Magic Timer Web site