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SEN 2977

Hmmmm, that’s not quite right Bob Gutai Dude Shirts Hmmmm, that’s not quite right From: Stepan Hi Roger, I looked at the results of the F1C World Cup. Some strange… Continue reading SEN 2977

SEN 2976

SCAT Annual Report and Results SCAT Annual Results and Report 2022 SCAT Annual, Lost Hills, CA    March 12-14, 2022 CD: Jim Parker Saturday F1A 1 Enes Pecenkovic   240 180… Continue reading SEN 2976

SEN 2975

Upcoming at Lost Hills 8, 9,and 10 F1E Right After Square Peg Why – Because Upcoming at Lost Hills 8, 9,and 10 San Valeers SCAMPS and SCIFs Texaco (and… Continue reading SEN 2975

SEN 2974

SCAT Annual Flash Update from AMA on USA  National records for FAI Classes SCAT Annual Flash Lost Hills – Weather = great Saturday F1A  Enes Penenkovic 1320 only max out,… Continue reading SEN 2974

SEN 2973

Fab Feb Top Dudes FOR SALE   Add-A Bike motor bike car carrier Fab Feb Top Dude These are based on modified World Cup scoring over the 3 Fab Feb contests.… Continue reading SEN 2973

SEN 2972

USA F1E team selection Result from Eagle Cup or Norway and Danish Winter Cup USA F1E team selection. From: Robert Sifleet Roger, Please put this notice in the next SEN… Continue reading SEN 2972

SEN 2971

Russian invasion of Ukraine Russian invasion of Ukraine Several issues back on 1 March we published the statement from the FAI condemning the action of Russia and Belarus and suspending… Continue reading SEN 2971

SEN 2970

SCAT Annual Details Here are the details for the Rescheduled SCAT Annual SCAT ANNUAL- rescheduled March 12 & 13, Reserve March 14, 2022 at Lost Hills Field, CA AMERICAS CUP… Continue reading SEN 2970

SEN 2969

SCAT Annual Contest Postponed Change to SCAT Annual: Due to possible snow closure of I5 over the Grapevine on Friday and Saturday nights of March 4 and 5 and high… Continue reading SEN 2969

SEN 2968

Current situation in Ukraine Fab Feb,  More thanks and comments Current situation in Ukraine Many international sporting organizations are concerned about the Military conflict taking place in the Ukraine and… Continue reading SEN 2968