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  1. SCAT Annual Flash
  2. Update from AMA on USA  National records for FAI Classes

SCAT Annual Flash

Lost Hills – Weather = great

F1A  Enes Penenkovic 1320 only max out, Ken Bauer 1288, Randy Secor 1279

F1B FLYOFF F1B FO, 240+ 7×180+300+
1st Ron Felix 359sec
2nd Walt Ghio 308 sec
Walt rdt to keep out of trees. He had to get home.
Ron is in the trees, retrieval tomorrow.
3rd Ittai Kohavi 1318, oh 2 sec drop!

F1Q 1st Ben Tarcher, 2nd Mike Richardson

F1P 1st Jim Kelly, 2nd Terry Kerger

Update from AMA on USA  National records for FAI Classes

As you might know the FAI events are often flown to rules that are modified on the field to best determine the winner.
These modifications to the published rules are always focused on the “max” times for each round.

The FAI Sporting code in paragraph 3.1.3 says each competitor is entitled to five or seven flights.  As it is the case in AMA sanctioned events these events are flown to the seven-round format, we will consider only the seven-round format for the major events F1A,B,C, and Q.  We could establish a new record category for 5 round contests if needed for these events.

Paragraph 3.1.7 states that if conditions allow, for one addition round with a four-minute max.  Because the second four minute round is not a universal requirement, for record keeping purposes, this round will be recorded as three minutes.

Paragraph 3.1.8.b state the  fly-off rounds are specified to be 6 minutes (360 seconds) for the first round and all following will be increased by two minutes.  If conditions require a reduction in the fly-off max times these flights will be recorded as being dropped because they failed to meet the requirements as spelled out in the FAI Sporting Code.

Are we having fun yet?


Jerry Murphy