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  1. SCAT Annual Details

Here are the details for the Rescheduled SCAT Annual

SCAT ANNUAL- rescheduled
March 12 & 13, Reserve March 14, 2022 at Lost Hills Field, CA

FAI Events:
*Saturday, March 12: F1A, F1B, F1C, F1Q and F1P
Seven one hour rounds start @ 8AM, extended max times for F1ABCQ are 240 sec.
F1P 180 sec. Rounds 2 thru 7 max is 180 sec.  Flyoff times will be posted

**Sunday, March 13: F1G, F1H, F1J and F1S
Tie Breaker flight to the ground. F1S 7:45- 7:55; F1G 8:00-8:10; F1H 8:15-8:25, F1J 8:30-8:40
Standard 5 rounds 45 minute long starting @ 9AM, 120 sec maxes.
2 FO flights starting 45 min after end of last round.  Event start times will be posted.
If tied at end of standard & 2 FO rounds, tie breaker flight will determine the winner

2021 winners: F1A- Enes Pecenkovic, F1B-Larry Norval Malkhasyan, F1C-Taron Malkhasyan, F1Q- Ben Tarcher, F1G-Jerry Fitch, F1H- Blake Jensen, F1J+S- Glen Schneider(J) & Clint Brooks(S). Please shine and return perpetual trophies to the contest.

AMA Cat II and Other Events: Nostalgia and 1/2 A Golden run to San Valeers rules.
Classes scored separately for National Cup but awards per listed combo events
*Saturday: ½ A Gas, A-B Gas, C-D Gas, HLG, Classic Towline Glider
**Sunday: ½ A Nostalgia Gas, A Nostalgia Gas, B-C Nostalgia Gas, Nostalgia Rubber Combined, E-36, P30, Catapult Glider, NEW-Golden Age Power

*Saturday 8AM – 5PM And / Or **Sunday 8AM-4PM
Vintage FAI Power,, 5 flts, 180 sec maxes, No rounds (may enter multiple eras and days)
Nostalgia Wakefield, Sat 8AM – 5PM and Sunday 8AM – 4PM (may enter multiple eras and days)

Entry Fees:
FAI events: FIA,B,C,G,H,J,P,Q, S ; $25 first event, $10 for second
Other events: $15 for first event, $5/each added non-FAI event
All-In Open Fee of $45 to fly your little hearts out!
AMA age Juniors:  HLG & P-30 free, Other events $5, or All-In Fee of $10

Trophies awarded for 1-2-3 places
Perpetual trophies for F1A,B,C,G,H,J-S combined
Junior Hi-Time Glider, Rubber and Power Trophies
$100 to the top 20 Something F1ABC flyer

AMA & Lost Hills Field Assn memberships are required
FAI events run to the 2022 FAI rules except as noted
Protest in addition to $30 requires equipment needed for measurements if needed. Q flyers to measure, calculate and monitor one another’s motor runs

Contest Director                                              
Jim Parker
605Wills Point Dr, Allen TX, 75013