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  1. Fab Feb Top Dudes
  2. FOR SALE   Add-A Bike motor bike car carrier

Fab Feb Top Dude
These are based on modified World Cup scoring over the 3 Fab Feb contests. Not all events have 3 events. No F1P award because not sufficient participants over all events.  Winners should send their T-Shirt size to SEN.

We think this the only time that one person has one all 3 event in the World Cup category. Congrats to Kiwi Grand Master Dieter.


  1. Jama Danier
  2. Per Findahl
  3. Jes Nyhegn


  1. Michael Seifert
  2. Sevak Malkhasyan
  3. Oleg Kulakovsky


  1. Artem Babenko
  2. Faust Parker
  3. Darijo Jermol


  1. Dieter Paff
  2. Ben Tarcher
  3. Ian Kaynes


  1. Tom Ioeger
  2. Per Findahl
  3. Brian VanNest

No Award this year


  1. Blake Jensen
  2. Per Findahl
  3. Jim Parker


  1. Geralyn  Jones
  2. Jerry Fitch
  3. Ladislav Horak


  1. Faust Parker
  2. Terry Kerger
  3. David Johannes


  1. Jack Murphy
  2. Julie Parker
  3. Larry Norval



FOR SALE   Add-A Bike motor bike car carrier

From: Robert Piserchio

FOR SALE   Add-A Bike motor bike car carrier.  Good condition.  Original
cost over $200,  I will sell it for $100.
Robert Piserchio