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Hmmmm, that’s not quite right

From: Stepan

Hi Roger,
I looked at the results of the F1C World Cup.
Some strange situation.
Several F1C participants flew at the (Dutch) competitions in Poland. But they made only one start. But the winner received 578 points.
The weather was normal, pilots in other classes flew 5 starts plus finals.
It’s not fair.
In competitions in the USA, the pilot had to work hard to get these points!
It is unclear why they flew? They could cast lots ….


Bob Gutai

Bob Gutai passed away on Friday March 26 at Allentown Pennsylvania.

Bob was a versatile competitor over many years. He was on the American C teams three times, always maxing out at world championships. He won the American Cup in C five times and the American Cup in J twice and in 2013 was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Bob helped mentor Austin Gunder who subsequently won two Junior world championships. He sponsored Jackie Chen, a Chinese C team member who now lives in New York.

Bob had a whimsical streak, referring to himself as the “alien” on SEN.  He was a great flying mate and will be missed by all those who he touched.

Dude Shirts

The designs on the custom “Top Dude” t-shirts that are awarded to the “Top Dudes” i.e. winners  in each class over the 3 Fab Feb contests are done by Chaos Designs in Wellington, New Zealand.  They like seeing pictures of their designs in different places. In particular our Top Dudes and Top Dudettes because they are in different places around the World. They had a number of pictures on their Facebook page but some of these got “eaten” or otherwise lost by FaceBook.  They ask me if I had copies.  I did have some, including the classic one of Sasha Babenko wearing her father Artem’s shirt but not all. So if anyone has a picture of one of these t-shirts on a Top Dude or Dudette, email them to SEN at

And we are working on the 2022 version, a little different this year.