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  1. Current situation in Ukraine
  2. Fab Feb,  More thanks and comments

Current situation in Ukraine

Many international sporting organizations are concerned about the Military conflict taking place in the Ukraine and following other organizations they have made the following statement.

Lausanne, 28 February 2022

FAI position on the conflict taking place in the Ukraine
The military conflict taking place in Ukraine is of grave international concern. We are all deeply saddened by the inevitable human cost of war and the humanitarian crises that will be created because of this conflict.

The FAI’s fundamental aim is to maintain the integrity and support the development of air sports across all nations in line with a set of values that nurture inclusion and transcend national differences.

To maintain that aim under the circumstances created by the military conflict in the Ukraine, the FAI Executive Board has unanimously decided to implement the following extraordinary measures:

To suspend the members of Russia and Belarus with immediate effect and therefore removing all rights as listed in FAI Statutes

In making this decision, the FAI Executive Board has taken note of the considered actions being taken by the International Olympic Committee and other international sporting organisations.

In addition to the above measures, the FAI Executive Board will:
Engage with FAI Members, FAI Air Sport Commissions and other stakeholders to ensure that the situation is carefully, and regularly monitored and further decisions taken as to current and future measures.
Ensure that the organisers of all FAI sanctioned events due to take place in Europe between now and April 2023 are consulted with to consider the direct and indirect impact of the conflict in the Ukraine, any mitigation measures that might need to be considered, and what forms of assistance the FAI might be able to provide to maintain the integrity of such events.

This is a very difficult situation. Our thoughts are with those that are being most directly impacted, and we all hope for a swift resolution.

FAI Executive Board
(28 February 2022

You can go to the FAI web site at to get the original.

Other events; there has been some discussion on Facebook if some up coming World Cup events should be held or not. The consensus appears to be “not to let the situation upset everything” but still help those suffering as much as possible. This would exclude the nations mentioned in the FAI statement. Be sure to check with the CD of the event. The situation is fast changing and I would expect further guidance from the FAI/CIAM

Fab Feb, More thanks and comments

Firstly thanks to Faust and Julie for their piece in the previous SEN. We had been preparing something but were rather OBE* by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. (Note this is the OBE from the USA mean Overcome by Events not the classic UK Abbreviation of Order of the British Empire).

This Fab Feb was unusual in that none of the normal Contest Organizer were able to make it to the event. All for a number very important reasons. For the Kiwi and North American we knew in advance Lindy and I spoke with Brian and Janna Van Nest offered to help out. It was not only Brian being the CD of the Kiwi Cup but Janna would need to process all the entries on the filed for the 3 events. If I understand correctly she was helped by Tanya Buskell and Walt Ghio at the big Friday sign up. Walt offered to help the Canadians and run their event. Then just as Bill Booth was leaving for Lost Hills he encounter a major issue. Bill hoped to be able to make later in the week but could not so Marty stepped up at short notice to CD the event with help from Aimee, she had already planned to do the score keeping.. This was the one with the most participants. Blake and Tiffaney did the field setup and Blake did the marathon F1B Flyoff. As usual all the CDs had extra help when running the flyoffs, all very welcome. Lindy still checked the FAI ID when people entered on line so they could get any inconsistency fixed before the event, typically about 10% need some work. Usual an issue with the NAC. There was about half the number of participants as normal but with around thirty in A and B it was a good turn out with great competition. The general uncertainty around covid and travel caused more people that usual to change their plans but in spite of all it was a great event.

Norm Furutani came to help Glenn Schneider run the AMA events at the Ike on the first weekend with more good flying with the prize giving sprinkled with the fine local products of the Wonderful company. We could not have the banquet as normal but Gabby catered an on the field event that was very well received. I was going to talk at length about the Haggis Burrito made for CHE but refrained so I don’t get into too much trouble from Julie P.

But it would not have been a contest of the competitors had not shown up, so thanks to those went through the complicated travel arrangements needed these days for international travel.
On the competition there was something that had never happened before, to our memory, and it was an achievement by a ” Kiwi Grand Master”. Dieter Paff of Germany won all 3 events in a World Cup class, F1Q in Dieter’s case. He also flew in F1B in all making the mega F1B Flyoff in the MaxMen. No guss who will be the F1Q Top Dude.

We understand that everyone made it home OK. Evgeny Gorban had the most excitement, not than one wants to have excitement in international air travel. Many flyers from the Ukraine take Turkish Airlines, sometimes with an overnight in Istanbul. When Evgeny came to get the last leg of his flight to the Ukraine, the airspace was closed for commercial traffic. With some resourcefulness and help from friends he made it to Romania and on to a train that took him to the Ukrainian border where he was picked up. Great picture of him with his grand daughter back home in FaceBook.