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SEN 2286

George Schroedter Two tier F1C The German EL proposal (in: SEN 2283) The Polish World Cup Hosting Limitation proposal  Want to buy –teen torque George Schroedter From: Marty Schroedter On Tuesday… Continue reading SEN 2286

SEN 2285

The Fab Feb French Flick on utube Walston Tracker for sale SEN 2283 – German Q proposal Mandating an EL in Q German Proposal Energy Limiter San Valeers Annual The… Continue reading SEN 2285

SEN 2284

Scandinavian Free Flight Week Regards discussion of the German F1Q proposal ? CIAM Meeting Info Scandinavian Free Flight Week From: Per Findahl We are happy to announce that the Scandinavian… Continue reading SEN 2284

SEN 2283

OOPS 2017 SCAT Annual Report The German EL proposal FFQ – 63 OOPS! From: Mike Roberts My apologies to Jean Luc.  I was outside with a glass of fine Cabernet… Continue reading SEN 2283

SEN 2282

I was in the pool Great Fab Feb Video on FB Hexpert Help ? SCAT Annual Flash I was in the pool… where were you, Mike ? From: JL Bodin… Continue reading SEN 2282

SEN 2281

J Thanks Spaced out and Surreal Animals J Thanks From: Mike Roberts I would like to thank all the flyers that brought their F1 J models to the Fab Feb.  I… Continue reading SEN 2281

SEN 2280

The Bear and the Moose Whoops – what year MM Lost and Found Looking for F1C Toilet seat The Bear and the Moose From: Per Findahl Hi Roger ! Here… Continue reading SEN 2280

SEN 2279

USA Bid for the 2019 World Champs Thermiksense Reports from the F1D E/C Stats from the German Nats NFFS Plans Service USA Bid for the 2019 World Champs The AMA… Continue reading SEN 2279

SEN 2278

I kicked the bee’s nest! SCAT Annual this coming weekend Crazy, man!! I kicked the bee’s nest! From:John Lorbiecki Well, I sure can create some “interest” at times, can’t I?… Continue reading SEN 2278

SEN 2277

F1B Trimmimg Wanted Audio Tach: The state of our sport and Freeflight revival in Germany F1X(L) F1B(L) It’s not the cost   F1B Trimmimg FB Free Flight Group Discussion Started… Continue reading SEN 2277