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SEN 2282

  1. I was in the pool
  2. Great Fab Feb Video on FB
  3. Hexpert Help ?
  4. SCAT Annual Flash

I was in the pool… where were you, Mike ?
From: JL Bodin

I’m Just reading your last SEN
Sorry Mike but I have jumped in the pool with my  French friends (F Ducassou and F Aberlenc)
Not many spectator only one photographer Stepan Stefanstuck. I have pictuure of my swin!
The température of water were vert correct!
If podium next year I jump again in the pool but this time with Mike!!!

See You

(so Mike where were you ? did you do a late night Starbucks run ?)

Great Fab Feb Video on FB
Try this ! It is very well done.

Hexpert Help ?

Have any of you F1 sportsmen out there used any of the Hexpert Systems altimeters to measure performance? it looks like a system that will measure both altitude and time plus you are able record and print as well as any of the timer units sold. I think  that the price is not bad ether. Looks like that by adding a pig tail to your timers you could move it from airplane to airplane again saving cost.

Hexpert Systems has been around for awhile and the reviews by RC modelers look OK.

Check them out. Just do a search for Hexpert Systems. Any information would be helpful.


Paul Crowley

SCAT Annual Flash
Perfect conditions at Lost Hills, but a sharp reminder that the weather has switched from more gentle, predictable thermals found in Feb to much more tricky air more generally associated with October.  So there were no fly offs associated with F1AB and C  Only the winner Maxed Out
F1A – Jim Parker
F1B – Marty Schroedter
F1C – Ed Carroll
In A Don Zink and Shlomi Rozenweig, back after a finals leg injury made the podium and in B so did Mike Davis and Bill Gannon.
Details will follow