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  1. J Thanks
  2. Spaced out and Surreal Animals

J Thanks
From: Mike Roberts
I would like to thank all the flyers that brought their F1 J models to the Fab Feb.  I hope you and even more will consider trying again next year.  I can “promise” better conditions knowing you might be throwing mud at me.  We had a wonderful international group from the States, GBR, AUS and Argentina.  Please consider Fab Feb 2018 for more F1J  terror in the skies.

Sorry.  I think I have the wrong address to send things to SEN.  BTW, I waited at the Motel 6 pool for Jean Luc in his speedo but alas no splash.  Just say’in.


Editor’s Note:
1. Good to you guys flying J.  Looked like you were having a good time
2. Yes you sent it an old address that I won’t mention . The best one is the one that send SEN to you
3. For those not at the North American Cup – Jean-Luc Bodin of France had committed to his team mates that he would go in the pool at Motel 6 if he made the podium.  He did make the podium but as Mike says caused some disappointment by not making the pool !

Spaced out and Surreal Animals
Some how the link to the Moose and Bear photos got some extra spaces .   Some people figured it out and saw the great and somewhat surreal photos. In case you didn’t   Here is the link again: