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  1. George Schroedter
  2. Two tier F1C
  3. The German EL proposal (in: SEN 2283)
  4. The Polish World Cup Hosting Limitation proposal
  5.  Want to buy –teen torque

George Schroedter
From: Marty Schroedter
On Tuesday March 21 my father passed away from complications of a
compression fracture in his back at the age of 89. Some of you may remember
him as the owner of Champion Model Products. This was one of his most
cherished things he did in his life. He loved to fly and build planes. He
wanted to give others the chance to build and enjoy them as well, so he
produced kits of his models and thus began CMP.

My father took a lot of pride in his kits, he wanted them to be easy to
build and have people be able to follow his directions and have them fly
right off the plans. To me he had the nicest kits available at the time and
anyone who built one of his kits would probably agree. So many people wrote
and asked him how he cut his ribs because they were so precise and looked
laser cut, not sanded as he actually did it. To see one of his kits was to
see a thing of beauty I was very proud of him for putting in so much time
and effort to create the kits as he did.

He told me he did it for the love of the hobby as he didn’t make much money
from the business. He did it because it allowed him to meet people from all
over the world who would contact him and purchase his models. He loved
talking to them and hearing their experiences with his models afterwards.
That was his greatest satisfaction from having his business, being able to
meet all those people whom he met because of his business.  He did make many
friends over the years some of which he continued to keep in touch with for
many years after closing of the business.

He ran his business for 18 years making and selling his products. He said
over those years he sold just under 2000 kits. He was very proud of that
fact. He did it all on his own from his garage, all hand made to his

He told me his Upshot was his best seller because people would purchase one,
build it and lose it because it flew so high when the prop folded and would
end up going out of sight. He said so many people said to him, “It was early
I didn’t think I needed a fuse”. That was a common story he heard about many
of his kits. The Upshot was my personal favorite to watch fly because I
couldn’t believe it myself how high it got under power.  I could imagine how
high it would get with today’s rubber. Unfortunately I never got the chance
to fly one but I do have the many memories of watching him fly his at Taft
back in the day.

I think my father would want me to thank all of the people that purchased
his kits and products over the years because that brought him so much joy
and happiness. He shared his love for models with others and that was his
gift back to them. Your friendship with him meant the world to him and for
that, I thank you.

I was fortunate to have won a competition right before he passed away. I
came to his hospital bed and showed him what I had done for him and
presented the trophy to him. He reached up and held it in his hands smiling
as he did. He was so pleased and proud of me because he knew he had passed
his love of flying along to me and he could take that with him to the
heavens knowing what I had accomplished and shared with him in that moment.
Shortly thereafter he fell into a coma never to regain consciousness again.
I am grateful and blessed that I got the opportunity to share that
experience with him before he passed. I will remember that moment forever
and remember all the good times we shared together doing what we both love
to do, flying model airplanes.

Two tier F1C
From: David Ackery

With regards the proposal to create a two tier system for F1C,

( ie – A grade models, those with flaps, or folders, get 4 seconds,
and B grade models, those without flaps and non folding, get 5 seconds).

If we are to go down this path then it opens up similar arguments for other

For example – I fly F1B, and I recognize that my home built models are not
competitive with the best possible bought models with ‘ xyz*’ technology
(*please insert your own ideas here).  This is because my flying budget does
not allow me the $$ to  equip my box with 4-6 models of the latest design
and best technology. However I accept this and with this knowledge and
understanding I will still fly and try to do my best, because our sport is
about challenges and that will not change.

If the problem is that people feel that F1C has reached extreme levels of
complexity, cost and performance that are now too high, then I suggest the
answer is to limit ( ie  remove) that technology, and not to try to create
this two tier system.

best regards
David Ackery

The German EL proposal (in: SEN 2283)
From: Tapio Linkosalo

I agree with Aram, that the German proposal for F1Q should not be passed.
The rules intend to describe the architecture of the power train, in
stating how the instruction to cut motor should be implemented. I find this
unnecessary. Instead, in my opinion, the rules should just state how the
energy limiter should function (cut the power once allocated energy amount
is measured), and how the proper functioning of the limiter should tested
(add a reference meter in series with the power train and verify the
functioning). No further details of the drive train architecture should be
needed in the rules.

In similar fashion, the suggested rule change for the connectors should be
lifted. There is no need to mandate in the rules, what kind of connectors
the fliers should use, but leave the decision to the flier himself. For
verification of the limiter functions, the used connector type must be
stated, and it could be bullets, or XC-whatever, but that is only for the
verification and it is up to the flier to make required adapters to connect
the verification equipment.


The Polish World Cup Hosting Limitation proposal

There is a proposal from Poland to restrict the number of World Cup Contests one country can host from another country.  The text is included below.  The stated reason is that some country, I assume Russia, Ukraine or USA ? hosts too many events and that skews the World Cup results in favor of that hosting country because of the difficulty in traveling to that country.

One of the recent positive happenings in World Cup Free Flight these days been the emergence of the “Free Flight Festivals” where a number of events have been held over a 1 to 2 week period.  This serves a double purpose, it lets people optimize their travel expenses and it creates a big event that many people enjoy who might not make it to a World Champs.  Typical events are the Fab Feb events in the USA, the winter and summer Scandanvian Events and the Australian FF season in March and April. The only way these can happen is if one country hosts more than one event from another country.

In looking at the World Cup results from 2016 in F1A the top 5 came from 5 different European countries, same for F1A Junior. F1B is similar except Alexander Andriukov from the USA did make it into the top 5, the only non-European resident.  Same thing in F1B Junior, all Europeans.  In F1C only one person, Roy Summersby who was third overall is a non European, same in F1Q only one person Jack Murphy from the USA was not a European resident.  To do well, at the World cup you have to do well in events with a lot of participants scoring many bonus points.  Good events for that are those adjacent to the  World and Euro champs, again something that favors the Euro- resident.   With this analysis i find it difficult to understand the last statement in the “reason” that “It distorts the final World Cup results and virtually eliminates cup winning by competitors from other continents.” Unless it means it eliminates people from every continent except Europe?

There is no doubt that each year a few people will go to extreme lengths to travel to events around the world.  No fiddling with the rules is going to stop that.  What is more important is that we get  more “major” events around the world where more people get to take part and enjoy them and the ability for one country to host another’s events promotes this. A case  where an unintended consequence is positive for a change , so let enjoy it !

Annex 1 – text of proposed rule change

ao) ANNEX 1 Rules for Free Flight World Cup Poland
Paragraph 3. Contests as shown below including additional text:
Contests included in the World Cup must appear on the FAI contest calendar and be run according to the FAI Sporting Code. The contests to be counted for a World Cup in one year are to be nominated at the CIAM Bureau meeting at the end of the preceding year and are to be indicated on the FAI contest calendar. A maximum of two contests may be selected for any European country. A maximum of three contests may be selected for countries outside Europe. A country may choose to fly a World Cup event at a flying site in another country provided that the organising country submits the FAI calendar registration for the event and the name of the organising country is included in the title of the event.

[this paragraph is the change]
Additional requirements:
Additionally, any country may host a maximum of one competition in each class on behalf of another organising country regardless of whether or not the host country extends over three or more time zones.
Reason: Too many competitions organized in one country. Because of transportation problems in competitions compete competitors from an organizing country only. It distorts the final World Cup results and virtually eliminates cup winning by competitors from other continents.
With immediate possible effect

Annex 2 top 5 in the 2016 World Cup

FAI World Cup 2016 top positions for class F1A
1   Borislav Bardarov          BUL
2   Jes Nyhegn                 DEN
3   Mikhail Kosonozhkin        RUS
4   Per Findahl                SWE
5   Roland Koglot              SLO
6   Ivan Bezak                 SVK

FAI World Cup 2016 top positions for class F1A-Junior

1   Luca Aringer              AUT
2   Mikhail Lomov             RUS
3   Vitek Rossler             CZE
4   Urban Terlep              SLO
5   Filip Klobusicky          SVK
6   Capucin Ragot             FRA
FAI World Cup 2016 top positions for class F1B
1   Albert Bulatov               RUS
2   Oleg Kulakovsky              UKR
3   Alexander Andriukov          USA
4   Stepan Stefanchuk            UKR
5   Ismet Yurtseven              TUR
6   Dag Edvard Larsen            NOR

FAI World Cup 2016 top positions for class F1B-Junior
1   Bojan Gostojic           SRB
2   Jackel Sebastian         GER
3   Dawid Lipski             POL
4   Vanesa Veskova           BUL
5   Vladislavs Dreiers       LAT
6   Pavel Lomov              RUS

FAI World Cup 2016 top positions for class F1C
1   Artur Kaitchuk           RUS
2   Volodymyr Sychov         SLO
3   Roy Summersby            AUS
4   Artem Babenko            UKR
5   Juri Roots               EST
6   Alexandr Vyazov          RUS

FAI World Cup 2016 top positions for class F1Q
1   Gabor Milak              HUN
2   Ian Kaynes               GBR
3   Ron Assmuss              GER
4   Jack Murphy              USA
5   Anna Milak               HUN
6   Gabor Kertesz            HUN

FAI World Cup 2016 top positions for class F1P-Junior
1   Ilia Trapeznikov         RUS
2   Daniel Bogomaz           POL
3   Elizaveta Klimakova      RUS
4   Vladislav Lipov          RUS
5   Sevak Malkhasyan         USA
6   Maxim Poliakov           RUS

 Want to buy – teeny torque
from Don DeLoach

Morrill Teeny torque front end – the Coupe sized one with 1/16″ dia shaft.

Don DeLoach

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