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  1. The Bear and the Moose
  2. Whoops – what year
  3. MM Lost and Found
  4. Looking for F1C Toilet seat

The Bear and the Moose
From: Per Findahl

Hi Roger !
Here is a link to some photos from Bear Cup and Moose Cup, perhaps something for SEN ? share/ AF1QipNDzysENRUXekXjlGR9iDQzRl kl_t0IVw0s2W2fP0Z- spJ9GAk6lHGRHsVWptBv1Q?key= VmZiRTJPOS1OQUE4SUpfZy05a21aY0 tyWWdSRzln

All the best

Whoops – what year
The date shows October 2017. It should be October 2019.
Bill Shailor

Editor – well we got it right 2 times out of 3.  Part of a plot to get more people to show up this October for the Sierra and Kotuku World Cups plus the postponed Cal Cup F1E World Cup.  Everyone else has some conspiracy theories so we need some too. … But as I suspect is often the case there is a simple explanation like a typo.

MaxMen Lost and Found
From Bill  Booth

The following items were brought to “Lost & Found at Max Men 2016 & 2017.  If anyone recognizes these, let me know & we can make arrangements for return.

NOTE that Bill has a NEW Email Address

Leatherman Tool in leather case
Alinco DJ-175 tracker receiver (this one had been out on the field a while)

Anytime Stopwatch XL-013, Black
Faded Glory Maroon long sleeve pull-over outdoor shirt (like light sweatshirt) Size: medium
Basic Editions Black turtleneck Size: L/G
SLIK Nylon 31″ x 8″ flat bag with zipper (Tripod or Tracker case?)

Looking for a F1C toilet seat
I’m looking for an F1C toilet seat for a Nelson.  If you have one you can spare, let me know.

Bill Booth
My new e-mail is:

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