National Free Flight Society

SEN 2251

SEN 2251 – Table of Contents Scramble Update – Rules and Contest The Brits are no so bad Erratum SEN Policy on Advertisements. FREE FLIGHT SCRAMBLE Model and Flying Rules… Continue reading SEN 2251

SEN 2250

SEN 2250 – Table of Contents Fab Feb Sign up Hitting on the Scramble For Sale New NFFS Pub Rent a bike ? Fab Feb Sign Up Firstly the good… Continue reading SEN 2250

SEN 2249

SEN 2249 – Table of Contents Free Flight Free Publicity Fab Feb Update USA Team Selection Committee (TSC) In-Person Meeting Free Flight Free Publicity From: John Clapp Dear fellow free… Continue reading SEN 2249

SEN 2246

SEN 2246 – Table of Contents Mainly Ike (and Kiwi) NEW STUFF! Update – The Altimeter Proposal Poll Update – Fab Feb Optimal Fab Feb   Mainly Ike (and Kiwi)… Continue reading SEN 2246

SEN 2248

SEN 2248 – Table of Contents Scrambled Link on Scrambled Vision Some thoughts about Championships… F1C Fuel at the Fab Feb California Weather Scrambled Link on Scrambled Vision We messed… Continue reading SEN 2248

SEN 2247

SEN 2247 – Table of Contents Help in Making a list… Mathews on Motors How the Scramble Started Scrambled Vision Help in Making a list… From: Ross Jahnke I’m finishing… Continue reading SEN 2247

SEN 2245

SEN 2245 – Table of Contents The Last Scene Looking for 5/99 rubber Magic NOS-36 timer for E-36 and F1S Hybrid and Overweight Motors The Last Scene From: GILBERT MORRIS… Continue reading SEN 2245

SEN 2244

SEN 2244 – Table of Contents Registration for Swedish Moose Cup and Bear Cup Model of the year Nominations For Sale – F1C power unit More on performance How long… Continue reading SEN 2244

SEN 2243

SEN 2243 – Table of Contents What is the real issue What about adding weight ? Use of altimetry poll Comments on the CIAM proposals Follow Up Thoughts Q and… Continue reading SEN 2243

SEN 2242

SEN 2242 – Table of Contents Rest of the Story 2016 Am Cup Final Report 2017 NFFS Symposium Bulletin Dinosaur performance Rest of the Story We received a quite a… Continue reading SEN 2242