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SEN 2246

SEN 2246 – Table of Contents

  1. Mainly Ike (and Kiwi) NEW STUFF!
  2. Update – The Altimeter Proposal Poll
  3. Update – Fab Feb
  4. Optimal Fab Feb


Mainly Ike (and Kiwi) NEW STUFF!
The Aussies are sponsoring an Aggregate/Scramble event, complete with Flying Carpets! Join the fun, tentatively pre-event on Friday and then after awards on Sunday . You just need a simple FF model with an engine less that 1.5cc – a Dakota is ideal if you don’t have a Magic Carpet – details.  Aussie National Record holder and F1B/C man 007 will be there. Get advice from the top dog .

Also-Nostalgia Electric is on – Sunday.

Prize for highest placing Golden Age 1/2A in 1/2A AMA Gas.

Talk to Bud about flying your unlimited in Big E

DON’T FORGET THE $1000 PRIZE!!! See the flier for info (P-30, E-36, CLG & HLG)

February 11-13, 2017, Lost Hills, CA is the date and place for the Isaacson Winter Classic. This has become the largest FF contest on the West Coast and may be the largest nationwide except for the Nats! Join us!

AMA event registration is on the field.

Golf cart rental contact:
All Carts
1636 S Union Avenue
CA 93307-4146
Phone: (661) 836-9800

Norm and Roger


Update – The Altimeter Proposal Poll
From: Allard van Wallene

Around 90 F1 sportsmen (of which 85 active in World Cup competitions over the last 5 years and 24 being placed in the World Cup top 40) have cast their votes. Current standing is 73% in favour and 27% against the proposal.

Results can be found here:

Voting will remain open up to the CIAM meeting end of April.

Voting page:

I suggest that CIAM delegates use these results as a guideline for their vote in Lausanne.




Update – Fab Feb

  1. See First item of this SEN
  2. Entry Count so far Jim Farmer F1A from AZ just made entry number 146 – have you entered yet ? See link below.
  3. See next item of this SEN

Optimal Fab Feb
From: Frédéric Aberlenc

Dear friends
I will be in Lost Hills for Fab Feb. If you need some Icare2 systems or Altimeter please send me an email now to

All items on

See you soon

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It lets you sign up for all the FAI events at the Kiwi Cup, Ike Winter Classic, North American Cup, California Cup and The MaxMen International.  Held at Lost Hills from 11 to 20 February 2017.

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Roger Morrell