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SEN 2242

SEN 2242 – Table of Contents

  1. Rest of the Story
  2. 2016 Am Cup Final Report
  3. 2017 NFFS Symposium Bulletin
  4. Dinosaur performance

Rest of the Story

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2016 Am Cup Final Report

The King Orange Contest, the last of the season, was a game changer.  Jama flew down from the great white north to warmer but windy conditions. CD, Jim Bradley, set the max at 90 sec. Even with the short DT, the flight times were all over 2 minutes and some over 2 ½ minutes. Mile long chases, landing in the Pepper trees. If you never recovered a model from a Pepper tree, you’ve never flown free flight.  (yes, Argentina had some nasty plants and I suspect Australia  and other places on this earth have similar).   Jama’s KO win tied him with Shlomi who led for most of the year.  Sholmi injured his knee at the USA Finals and was unable to compete in the year end contest to protect his lead. Jama wins the tie breaker with a 20 point fifth score to Shlomi’s 15 point.


Jama’s fellow Canadian F1B flyer, Tony Mathews took the F1B lead at the USA NATs and the lead held.


Faust Parker took an early lead in F1C  that held all year for the win. Gil Morris moved to second place with his win at the K.O.  Faust and Gill were the only flyers that met the 3 site requirement.


What can I say about F1P— it is sad. Only 6 of the 35 Am Cup contests had F1P flyers and only one of those contest had more than 1 flyer. To Bob Hanford credit he went out and flew 4 contests, fulfilled the 3 site rule and so is deserving of first place.


F1G is always hotly contested but Tiff O’Dell took first place again this year.


Brian Van Nest took first in F1H inching out “Grasshopper” Blake Jensen by one point. This is only Blake’s second full year flying F1H.  He shows that the event is “accessible” with one good model. I think he’ll tell you it’s a fun and a great way to get exercise.


F1J is not much better shape than F1P. I’m hoping that Mike Robert’s challenge to all the power flyers for the coming to Fab Feb to bring and fly F1J results in large number of entrants. Faust Parker was the only flyer to meet the 3 site requirement and won 5 contests for his deserving first place.


Dick Ivers efforts this year has paid off in F1Q with a first place.  He won the only bonus points (USA NATs) resulting in a 105 points. Jack Murphy and Julie Parker both had 100 point but they could not catch Dick.


In F1E I thought the Peter Brock’s dynasty would end. Bob Sifleet had the lead at the end of the usual F1E season.  Another contest was organized on the Endless October week. Bob knowing that if he did not fly, there would not be the 1 bonus point that Peter needed should he win the contest to win Am Cup.  Bob did fly, Peter did win the contest. They had tied scores and Peter wins the AmCup by 21 points to 16 point 5th contest tie breaker.

F1S continues to grow. It is already fourth of the 10 FAI Am Cup events by my “average number of entrants per contest” metric. Close competition through the year with Julie Parker coming out on top

Congratulation to the 2016 Am Cup winners. I hope you can make the awards banquet on Feb 18, 2017 at the Lost Hills Recreation Building North (same location as last year). We’ve gone causal, no tie required now. Winners, please make note on your Fab Feb entry form that you are the Am Cup winner and so your banquet dinner is free.

2015 Winner’s please make sure you’ve gotten the plate engraved and polish the trophy and have it at the banquet on Feb. 18, 2017.

For 2017 we have based line the same 35 contests that were flown in 2016. The current rules stipulate a max of 36 contest, so there is room for one more. If a club or organizer wish to add their contest to Am Cup contest, please contact me and SCAT will consider the request(s).

If a 2016 Am Cup contest club or organizer chooses not to be an Am Cup contest, please contact me as well.

Those wishing to continue as a 2017 Am Cup contest, please remit $30 to SCAT. Send to address below.

We are make some rule changes for 2017. New rules will be sent to NFFS for posting on the America Cup section in the Competition area.

–  My address changed (new address shown below)

– Added F1S

–  F1ABC, minimum of 5 rounds completed, all other events, 4 minimum round

– 12 day minimum notice to reschedule a contest

– 90 days to break a contest tie

– Points will be scored only if the entrant has flown the minimum number of rounds. [This now requires that I get complete contest round scores, ie not just the score totals.]


I do wish recognize that SCAT has received several recommendation, mostly about the awarding of bonus points. At this point the current rules have served well in support of the mission statement to encourage traveling and competing beyond one’s flying field.


SCAT is discussing if the 28 year old mission statement was been fulfilled or has out lived  it’s goal and should be modified or replaced. But for 2017, the current construct will be used.


Jim Parker

SCAT President

AM Cup Administrator

25018 Wintergreen Ct

Stevenson Ranch, CA 91381



America Cup results – with individual placings


Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:

SWR  15      CEN   7      Har   3

Ike  17      TUI   3      USF   7

NAC  14      I-C   1      CFA  13

MM   19      SKA   1      Ser   7

SCA   5      HC    4      Sim   1

SAN   7      Can   4      SWC   2

NCA   2      NAT   5      Pat   6

Srn   4      NWF   5      AZC   6

BAl   4      NW    5      KOI   1

Hcu   3      O&W   5

HIC   5      Bro   2




1   Danier, Jama         105  Ike-1 MM-4* HC-2* Can-1 NAT-1 KOI-1

1   Rosenzweig, Shlomi   105  SWR-1 SCA-4* SAN-4* CEN-2 TUI-1 NWF-4* NW -3* CFA-1 Ser-5*

3   McKeever, Mike       101  SCA-1 NCA-1 BAl-2* NAT-3* NWF-1 NW -1 USF-2* CFA-3* Pat-4*

4   Bauer, Ken            96  SWR-4* NAC-2* MM-1 NCA-2 BAl-1* NWF-2* NW -2 USF-1 Pat-3* AZC-3*

5   VanNest, Brian        90  SWR-3 Ike-4* NAC-4* MM-2 CEN-5* TUI-2 NAT-4* USF-3* Ser-3* SWC-1

6   Parker, Jim           73  SWR-5* Ike-5* NAC-3* SAN-3* USF-5* CFA-5* Ser-1 Pat-1 AZC-2

7   Limberger, Rene       66  Ike-2 NAC-5* SCA-2 BAl-3* NAT-2 USF-4* Pat-2*

8   Brocks, Peter         62  CEN-4 TUI-3 NWF-5* NW -4 SWC-2 AZC-5

9   Barron,  Andrew       61  MM-5* HIC-3 O&W-1 Ser-2

10  Allnutt, Peter        51  SCA-3 HC-3 Can-2 Ser-4* Pat-5*

11  Lorbiecki, John E     50  Hcu-1 I-C-1 Bro-2*

11  Cai, Oliver           50  HIC-1 O&W-5* Har-1

11  Shitrit, Nir          50  Ike-3 NAC-1 SCA-5* SAN-5* BAl-4*

14  Pecenkovic, Enes      46  MM-3 CEN-1

15  Markos, Chuck         45  Hcu-2 NAT-5* Bro-1

15  Barron, Peter         45  SKA-1 O&W-2

17  Fradkin. Igor         40  HIC-2 Har-2

18  Secor, Randy          39  SAN-1 CFA-4

19  Sifleet, Bob          35  Hcu-3 HIC-5 O&W-3

19  Nikolajeras, Vidas    35  HC-1 Can-4

21  Farmer, Jim           26  AZC-1

22  Farmer, Joey          25  SWR-2

22  Bevan, Dave           25  Srn-1

22  Farkas, Leslie        25  HC-4 Can-3

22  Fedor, Mike           25  Sim-1

26  Tetrick, Logan        24  CFA-2

27  Spence, Steve         20  Srn-2

27  Thompson, Mike        20  SAN-2

27  Brun, Pierre          20  NWF-3 NW -5

27  Yori, Joel (jr)       20  HIC-4 O&W-4

31  McQuade, Pete         16  CEN-3

32  Fedor, Cade           15  Srn-3

32  Tzvetkov, Tzvetan     15  Har-3

34  Pecenkovic, Jasminka  11  AZC-4

35  Hanford, Bob          10  Srn-4


Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:

SWR  11        CEN   4          Bro   7

Ike  23        TUI   4          Har   5

NAC  19        I-C   5          USF   1

MM   23        SKA   4          CFA  14

SCA   5        HC    5          Ser  15

SAN   7        Can   5          Sim   2

NCA   2        NAT  19          SWC   9

BAl   6        NWF   4          Pat   8

Hcu   3        NW    3

HIC   3        O&W   5




1   Mathews, Tony          105  Ike-2 HC-1 Can-1 NAT-1

2   Booth, Bill            104  SWR-1 SAN-1 BAl-2* NWF-3* NW -1 Ser-2

3   Jensen, Blake          103  NAC-5* SCA-1 CEN-3* TUI-1 NWF-1 CFA-4* Ser-3* SWC-1

4   Ghio, Walt              98  SWR-2 Ike-4* NAC-2 MM-1 SAN-2* NCA-1 CFA-2* Ser-4* Pat-2*

5   Schlosberg, Aram        75  NAC-3 MM-3 SKA-3* HC-2 Can-3* NAT-4 O&W-4* Har-3*

6   Andriukov, Alex         65  Ike-1 MM-2* BAl-3* Har-5 CFA-3* Ser-1 Pat-1*

7   Morrell, Roger          64  SWR-5 MM-5* BAl-4 CEN-1 TUI-2 SWC-5*

8   Felix, Ron              60  NAC-1 HIC-2 HC-5 Can-5

9   Malkhasyan, Sevak (jr)  56  SAN-4* BAl-1 USF-1* CFA-1

10  Jones, Charles          55  SWR-4 Ike-5* SCA-4 Hcu-2 I-C-4* SWC-4

11  Pivonka, Jace (jr)      53  SWR-3 CEN-2 TUI-3

12  Simon, Evan             50  Hcu-1 I-C-1 NAT-5*

12  Vaccaro, Tom            50  HIC-1 SKA-4* O&W-1 Har-1*

14  Jones, Ryan             48  SCA-2 I-C-2 Bro-5

15  Simon, Greg             47  Hcu-3 I-C-5 Bro-1

16  Allen, Carrol           45  HIC-3* SKA-1 O&W-2 Har-4*

17  MacCleery, Rich         42  I-C-3* NAT-2 Bro-3

18  Radziunas, Sarah        40  SKA-2 Har-2

19  Davis, Mike             38  SCA-5 NCA-1 Pat-4

20  Horak, Ladi             35  HC-3 Can-2

20  Schroedter,Martin       35  Ike-3 MM-4 CFA-4*

22  Richardson, Mike        32  SCA-3 SAN-3 BAl-5* Ser-5* Pat-5*

23  Ulm, Allan              26  SAN-5 NWF-2

24  Gannon, Bill            25  NWF-4 NW -3

24  Fedor, Mike             25  Sim-1

26  Joyner, Louis           22  Bro-2

26  Tymchek, Bob            22  SWC-2

28  Murrell, Lindy          20  CEN-4 TUI-4

28  McGluckin, Derek        20  NW -2

28  VanNest, Brian          20  NAT-3

28  Ackerley, Cameron       20  HC-4 Can-4

28  Hanford, Bob            20  Sim-2

33  Davis, Troy (jr)        17  Pat-3

33  Piserchio, Bob          17  SWC-3

35  Ioerger, Tom            15  NAC-4

35  Clapp, John             15  O&W-3

37  Gerspacher, Kyle (jr)   12  Bro-4

38  Weisfelner, Ohad         5  O&W-5


Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:

SWR   1        BAl   4           NW    2

Ike   8        Spe   2           Dyn   1

NAC   6        CEN   1           USF   1

MM    8        TUI   1           CFA   5

SCA   1        Can   1           Ser   4

SAN   2        NAT   4           Sim   1

Srn   2        NWF   1           KOI   1




1   Parker,  Faust     103  SWR-1 NAC-1 MM-1 Srn-1* Spe-1 NAT-3* Ser-4* Sim-1*

2   Morris, Gil         73  Ike-3 NAC-4 MM-5* NAT-2 KOI-1

3   Booth, Bill         65  NWF-1 NW -1 CFA-3

4   Mathis, Dick        58  Ike-1 NAC-2 MM-3* NAT-4 CFA-4* Ser-3*

5   Etherington, Chuck  50  CEN-1 TUI-1 Dyn-1*

5   Shvedenkov, Yury    50  Can-1 NAT-1

5   Malkhasyan, Taron   50  SAN-1 BAl-1 USF-1* CFA-2*

8   Mc Burnett, Ron     48  Ike-2 NAC-5 NW -2

9   Carroll, Ed         45  SCA-1 SAN-2 BAl-3*

9   Mennano, Guy        45  BAl-2 CFA-1 Ser-2*

11  Shepard, Jessie     40  Srn-2 Spe-2

12  Roberts, Mike       38  Ike-4* NAC-3 MM-2 BAl-4* CFA-5*

13  Simpson, Roger      25  Ser-1

14  Chesson, Don        19  Ike-5 MM-4


Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:


Ike   1         Srn   1           Bro   1

MM    2         NAT   2           Dyn   1




1   Hanford, Bob          100  Srn-1 NAT-1 Bro-1 Dyn-1

2   Malkhasyan, Sevak(jr)  45  Ike-1 MM-2

3   Schneider, Glen        25  MM-1

4   Ashworth, Hayden (jr)  20  NAT-2


Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:

SWR  12          Hcu   1           NWF   5

Ike   7          HIC   3           NW    5

MM    8          CEN   5           Bro   3

SCA   5          TUI   4           USF   1

SAN   1          I-C   2           CFA   5

NCA   2          SKA   3           Ser   6

BAl   2          NAT  18           SWC   7

Pat   7

AZC   1




1   O’Dell, Tiffaney   106  SWR-1 Ike-1 MM-5* SCA-1* CEN-3* TUI-2* NWF-1 NW -1* CFA-1* Ser-3* SWC-4* Pat-1

2   Brocks, Peter       93  SWR-5* Ike-2* MM-2 CEN-2 TUI-3* NWF-2* NW -2* CFA-4* Ser-1 SWC-3* AZC-1

3   Richardson, Mike    91  SWR-3 Ike-5* MM-4* SCA-3* SAN-1 BAl-2 CFA-5* Ser-5* SWC-1

4   Jones, Geralyn      88  Ike-4* Bro-1 CFA-2 Ser-2 SWC-2

5   Allen, Carrol       67  MM-1 HIC-2 NAT-3

6   Jones, Ryan         65  SCA-2 I-C-1 Bro-2 CFA-3* Ser-4*

7   Clapp, John         57  HIC-1 SKA-1 SWC-5

8   Booth, Bill         54  SWR-2 NWF-3 NW -3

9   DeLoach, Don        49  SWR-4 CEN-4 TUI-1

10  Davis, Mike         46  NCA-1 Pat-2

11  Masterman, Paul     45  NCA-2 USF-1

12  Markos, Chuck       40  Hcu-1 Bro-3

13  Pykelny, Mike       36  SCA-4* BAl-1 Pat-4

14  Ioerger, Tom        35  CEN-1 TUI-4

14  Rousseau, Don       35  HIC-3 SKA-2

16  Jensen, Blake       33  Ike-3 MM-3

17  Matsuno, Chris      30  NAT-1

18  Jones, Charlie      25  SCA-5 I-C-2

18  Horak, Ladi         25  NAT-2

20  Ewing,Rick          20  NWF-4 NW -4

21  Davis, Troy (Jr)    16  Pat-3

22  Pelatowski, Larry   15  SKA-3

22  VanNest, Brian      15  NAT-4

24  Jones, Darold       10  CEN-5 TUI-5

24  McGuckin, Derek     10  NWF-5 NW -5

26  Tymchek, Bob         6  Pat-5


Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:

SWR   5           HIC   1          USF   2

Ike   7           CEN   4          CFA   5

MM    5           TUI   3          Ser   4

SCA   1           NAT   5          SWC   2

BAl   1           NWF   3          Pat   3

Hcu   1           NW    2          AZC   3




1   VanNest, Brian     101  SWR-3* Ike-1 MM-3* CEN-1 TUI-1 NAT-2* USF-1* CFA-2* Ser-2* SWC-1

2   Jensen, Blake      100  SWR-1 Ike-4* MM-1 CEN-4* TUI-3* NWF-1 CFA-3* Ser-1 SWC-2* Pat-2*

3   McKeever, Mike      95  SWR-2* Ike-3* MM-4* BAl-1 NAT-1 NWF-3* NW -2 USF-2* CFA-4* Ser-3* Pat-1

4   Bauer, Ken          91  SWR-4* Ike-2 NWF-2 NW -1 AZC-1

5   Sifleet, Bob        90  Ike-5* MM-5* Hcu-1 HIC-1 CEN-2 TUI-2 CFA-5*

6   Parker, Jim         70  SWR-5* MM-2* SCA-1 CFA-1 Ser-4* Pat-3* AZC-2

7   Powell, Chuck       30  CEN-3 NAT-3

8   Farmer, Jim         15  AZC-3

9   Pailet, Jean        10  NAT-4

10  Mattson, Hailey      5  NAT-5


Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:

SWR   5             Spe   2           Bro   1

Ike   2             Hcu   1           KOI   3

MM    2             I-C   1

Srn   3             NAT   4




1   Parker, Faust        100  SWR-1 Ike-1 MM-1* Srn-2* Spe-1 NAT-1

2   Lorbiecki, John E     50  Hcu-1 I-C-1 NAT-2* Bro-1*

3   Scheinder, Glenn      40  SWR-2 MM-2

4   Parker, Jim           35  Srn-3 Spe-2

5   Fedor, Mike           25  Srn-1

5   Pailet, Jean          25  NAT-4 KOI-3

5   Morris, Gil           25  KOI-1

8   Roberts, Mike         20  Ike-2

8   Hooke, Drake          20  KOI-2

10  Bartick, Don          15  SWR-3

10  Ashworth, Hayden(jr)  15  NAT-3

12  Boyd. Ray             10  SWR-4

13  Pangell, Rick          5  SWR-5


Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:

SWR   3           HIC   4           Ser   1

Ike   5           CEN   3           Sim   1

NAC   3           TUI   1           Pat   1

MM    4           SKA   3           AZC   2

SCA   1           NAT  14

Srn   1           NWF   1

BAl   1           NW    2

Spe   1           Dyn   3

Hcu   1           USF   1



1   Ivers, Dick J      105  Ike-1 HIC-1 SKA-1 NAT-1

2   Murphy, Jack       100  SWR-2* Ike-2* NAC-1 MM-1 CEN-1* TUI-1 NAT-4* NWF-1 NW -1* Dyn-1* AZC-1*

2   Parker, Julie      100  SWR-3* Ike-5* NAC-3* Srn-1 Spe-1 NAT-5* Ser-1 Sim-1

4   Mecham, Allan       75  SWR-1 Ike-4 CEN-2 Dyn-2

5   Pykelny, Mike       50  SCA-1 BAl-1 Pat-1*

6   Schlosberg, Aram    35  NAC-2 MM-3

7   Murphy, Jerry       30  CEN-3 Dyn-3

7   Hooke, Drake        30  HIC-3 SKA-3

7   Wegener, Rich       30  HIC-4 SKA-2

7   Tarcher, Ben        30  MM-4 NW -2

11  Sifleet, Bob        25  Hcu-1

11  Coffin, James       25  NAT-2

11  Masterman, Paul     25  USF-1

14  Hines, Lee          20  MM-2

14  Tomasch, Andrew     20  NAT-3

14  Yori, Joel (jr)     20  HIC-2

17  Crowe,Bernie        15  Ike-3


Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:

Ike   7          CEN   4            AZC   6

Cal   6          Ser   3




1   Brocks, Peter       72  Ike-2* Cal-2 CEN-1 Ser-2* AZC-1

1   Sifleet, Bob        72  Ike-1 Cal-1 CEN-2 AZC-3*

3   Ioerger, Tom        42  Ike-5* Cal-5 CEN-3 AZC-2

4   Parsons, Dave       36  Ser-1 AZC-4

5   Terzian, Fred       31  Ike-4* Cal-3 Ser-3

6   Richardson, Mike    22  Ike-3 AZC-5

7   Jones, Geralyn      11  Cal-4

8   Pangell, Rick       10  CEN-4


Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:

SWR   7        HIC   2         CFA   5

Ike   9        CEN   3         Ser   5

MM    5        TUI   4         Sim   2

SCA   1        SKA   3         SWC   3

SAN   3        NAT   8         Pat   1

Srn   1        O&W   2         AZC   2

BAl   1        Dyn   3         KOI   5

Spe   1        USF   3




1   Parker, Julie          100  SWR-5* MM-1 Srn-1 Spe-1 NAT-5* CFA-1* Ser-1* Sim-1

2   Murphy, Jack            98  SWR-3* MM-4* TUI-2* NAT-2 Dyn-1 SWC-1 AZC-1

3   Ivers, Dick J           97  Ike-1 HIC-2 SKA-3* O&W-1 SWC-2* KOI-1

4   Hines, Lee              94  SWR-1 Ike-3* MM-2 SAN-3* CEN-2 NAT-1 USF-2* CFA-2* Ser-5*

5   Hooke, Drake            85  HIC-1 SKA-2 NAT-4* O&W-2 SWC-3* KOI-2

6   Brooks, Clint           65  Ike-2 NAT-3 USF-1

7   Mecham, Allan           61  SWR-4 TUI-4 Dyn-2 AZC-2

8   Ray, Ralph              58  SWR-2 Ike-4 SAN-1

9   Gewain, Matt            50  SCA-1 SAN-2* CFA-3* Ser-2* Pat-1

10  DeLoach, Don            47  Ike-5 CEN-1 TUI-3

11  Murphy, Jerry           40  CEN-3 TUI-1 Dyn-3*

12  Sechrist, Dave          35  Sim-2 KOI-3

12  Tarcher, Ben            35  MM-5* BAl-1 CFA-5* Ser-4

14  Hooke, Drake III        25  SKA-1

14  Terzian, Fred           25  CFA-4 Ser-3

16  Malkhasyan, Sevak (jr)  15  MM-3

16  Masterman, Paul         15  USF-3

16  Morris George           15  AZC-3

19  Scott, Dwight           10  KOI-4

20  Bradley, Jim             5  KOI-5



2017 NFFS Symposium Bulletin

Work on the 2017 NFFS Symposium is underway!  We’ve a hard act to follow after the 2016 edition, which is widely held to be one of the very best ones ever.  It’ll be hard to beat, but we’re going to try.


Hello, my name is David Mills, and I’m the 2017 sympo’s Editor-in-Chief.  I was on the panel of editors last year, and I’m planning to duplicate much of the proven method used then.  Namely, we’re amassing a team to do the work.  We proved last year this method is a big improvement over the traditional lone wolf approach, both in the number of papers and their quality.  It doesn’t take a village, but you do need several good people dedicated to the job.


How can you participate in the next sympo?  First, you can write a solid, technical paper researched and written up to the standards we held in the 2016 edition.  Any number of subject areas is appropriate and being sought.  All manner of editorial support will be available to you.  If you’ve never done a paper such as this, don’t worry about it.  All the resources of NFFS can be brought to bear in your support.


Second, you can be part of the editorial team.  The 2016 panel of editors was a very capable group, and you can be part of a similar one in 2017.  This can take many forms.  You can assist in the editing of text, as well as technical vetting.  You can also solicit and edit a variety of papers or a suite on a related topic.  Translation services will be needed, as we’re planning to continue strong international participation.


So, let’s get this thing started.  If doing a paper interests you, send me an outline on what you envision.  If being an editor interests you, send me a brief summary of your intentions and qualifications.  If there’s another way of being valuable part of the team, let me know.  Frankly, I’m keen to get started and excited about our prospects.  Hopefully, many of you out there are, too.


David Mills



  1. O. Box 19872

Atlanta, GA   30325


Dino Performance

From: Dino

Performance..I have a question? Does a power model get as high in 5 seconds as we did in 7? Does a glider go further now than just a few years ago? Answer to both …. No.. But in England Im guessing they do.. Right.. I do agree that limits on performance is a must, but the same fields in Europe have been used for decades when we use to get higher an go further and do more time, at least in power.  Im sure there is a way to figure out an answer that does not make all these models obsolete and kill our events. The thing is our models go as far and as high as they have for 40 yrs in a thermal and wind.Logic says fly more morning and evening rounds when thermal activity is minimal. We keep our toys and we have fewer long chases..Set a wind speed limit for field size and shorten max time. We dont need a altimeter read out to say well you got too high. Your flight doesnt count or you are penalized cause your thermal was too big. Really! This is a answer? Yes fields are getting smaller in some cases. An farmers an owners dont like people chasing our toys across there property. But does anyone, any club offer them money for the use of this minor transgression??? Add it to the entry fee!  We spend thousands of $$$ on models and many more thousands of $$$ traveling to contests. So paying a downwind property owner to allow us to walk across his property to retrieve our expensive toys seems like a small price to pay..  If the contestants don’t want to pay the fee, don’t come. Go to another contest.. Simple..As you can see there are ways to do it without making our toys obsolete. An for those that dont like these solutions might I suggest payload or RC pattern or U control.  All fun in there own way.


michael the dino



SEN Status

Existing SEN subscribers can update their preferences by following the update your preferences link at the bottom of this page.

New users can sign up at  this link

Reminder :Fab Feb online entry form is available at:

It lets you sign up for all the FAI events at the Kiwi Cup, Ike Winter Classic, North American Cup, California Cup and The MaxMen International.  Held at Lost Hills from 11 to 20 February 2017.


Roger Morrell