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SEN 2248

SEN 2248 – Table of Contents

  1. Scrambled Link on Scrambled Vision
  2. Some thoughts about Championships…
  3. F1C Fuel at the Fab Feb
  4. California Weather

Scrambled Link on Scrambled Vision
We messed up the  link on Malcolm’s – some of you figured – but there it is again

We asked Malcom Campbell for some Scramble pictures from his collection and put together this portfolio for us.


Some thoughts about Championships…
From:Damjan Zulic

Some thoughts about Championships…

I really hope that the organizer of WCh 2017  will try to make the competition more user  friendly to the competitors and offer more for the »maximum« entry fee  which we will have to pay.  Romania and Serbia didn’t exactly  did their best for the 300€ that we paid. I also wasn’t pleased about the ban of retrieving  our models with motorcycles…..

I would be very pleased if someone would make the effort to make the competition also competitor friendly (examples: France, Croatia, USA, Ukraine). Other interesting fact is that in those countries, entry fees weren’t so high . I would expect that for the maximum entry fee the organizer will do their best to make the competition as easy as possible for the competitors (race conditions, accommodation,  transport, retrieving models). Relocation of the competition line due to weather and wind change is also one of the things that the organizers should really consider.

According to the names that are listed as the competition management I surely hope that the competition will be more kind to the competitors as it is promised in the bulletin and I hope that we will receive some higher standard and not just the mandatory conditions as it happened in Serbia and Romania.

I can’t figure out why are all competitions held in July or August. First of all this is the hottest season of the year, traffic jams are due to all the vacationers enormous and the most important fact is that it’s the time of holidays and vacations. Summer is the time when you take your family on holidays. For instance competition in Bulgaria was great when it was held in September. So was the competition in the US in October 2001….and Argentina in the spring….


F1C Fuel at the Fab Feb
The MaxMen requires that you use the official Fuel and will supply it.
Fuel will be available for sale for testing and use in the other events


California Weather
Question – from Sunny Israel

hey Roger, how are you? were you affected by the severe storms in Southern California? do you think that the Lost Hills site will be affected?


I’m not sure what you have seen. But there has been a lot of rain and there are some residential areas particularly where there were wild fires in the summer that were affected with mud slides. Everywhere has had a lot of surface water. There were periods where the rain was very hard for short period in some areas this caused flash floods with some drivers doing unwise things and going into deep water, makes good TV coverage.

We do not know of any special problems at Lost Hills. The weather forecast for the next two weeks is for warm with temps up to 21 C with sun. We will be checking at Lost Hills to see if we need to do anything special. There are no forecasts yet for the competition period but between now and then looks good and the causes of the rain appear to have gone away.

Lost Hills may even have grass !


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Roger Morrell