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SEN 2244

SEN 2244 – Table of Contents

  1. Registration for Swedish Moose Cup and Bear Cup
  2. Model of the year Nominations
  3. For Sale – F1C power unit
  4. More on performance
  5. How long ?
  6. A Poem

Registration for Swedish Moose Cup and Bear Cup
From: Per Findahl

Registration for Swedish Moose Cup and Bear Cup is now open. Come and join us on one of the biggest freeflight fields in the World for two World Cup Contests. We will fly on the frozen lake Pyhäjärvi near Säkylä in Finland. Arrival, training and registration is 9 march, Contest Moose Cup 10 march, Contest Bear Cup 11 march and Sunday 12 march is reserve day. The weekend after Norway run the third ice contest of the year, holiday on ice. So if you are up to it you can make three ice contests in less then 1,5 week ! Please look for more info at our web pages, especially about the safety regulations, its very important when flying on ice to be careful.

All the best
Per Findahl

Model of the year Nominations
From: Ross Jahnke

As chair of the 2017 National Free Flight Society Model of the Year
committee I am soliciting nominations which are due by March 15. The
committee is looking for the most impressive and innovative designs that
left a mark on the sport of free flight in 2016, or in the very recent
past. You decide what “impressive” and “innovative” mean when you make the
nomination. Nominees need not be NFFS members or residents of the United

To begin the process please e-mail your nominations to Initially all I need is the name of the model or
gadget, the name of the designer and/or flier and a  few sentences about
why they deserve the award. If there is a link to a website or video of the
model, attach that as well.

After an initial review the committee will gather more information on the
most worthy designs, before making a final decision. This worked very well
last year with 19 nominations and four winners.

For Sale – F1C power unit
Verbitsky Geared engine complete with Babenko pan, engine cowl and four bladed  prop. I have used this and it is a very strong engine.
USD$ 475

Brand new Top 4 Cyclon  06 F1J engine.
USD$ 250

I can deliver to Lost Hills in February
Roy Summersby

More on performance
From:John Carter

Commenting on the latest SEN .

To clarify in the UK we have experienced a massive change of attitude from our site owners which generally is the UK government and our military .

Commanding officers of the bases we are allowed to use now take a very different view as to risk posed by what are casual users (these include us aero modellers cyclists and many more activities ) we have to produce extensive risk assessments which are scrutinised by the base commanders.
This year the UK for all events have put in place additional measures to reduce the chance of models leaving our licensed site this all linked in to the risk assessments we need to compile and have approved before we can use our flying sites.

For many years now it as been common that maxes for both open style and F1a,b,q events are set at 2.5minutes, again this is done to help keep models on site .
I said in another post that world wide civil aviation authorities are looking at the impact of drones (RC quad copters) and new legislation is on the way which is likely to have impact on our activities as we who fly ff .(The  BMFA and CIAM are working hard to minimise any effect by new aviation rules ) .
Alan Jack in his post is correct no site (other than Mongolia ) can accommodate models flying for seven plus minutes in the maximum  wind speed for F1 events and most can not accommodate such times in little more than 6 or 7 mph .
Whist I understand at present we may have more site problems than some countries, I guarantee in time other countries will experience more and more restrictions on site use age.

It is only common sense for the FAI  to preempt what could terminate FF as we know it and act .

How Long ….
Simon Dixon

Picking up on one of Ken’s points, I think consideration should be given at some point to the championship classes being F1h, F1g, F1j. Addresses a lot of issues – expense, shorter maxes, smaller sites, simpler models. Ban gears, flappers, folders, (bunt ?) for these classes as these features have hardly filtered down to these classes yet , but still leave room for development in other areas. Could go back to 7 flights as well.

Speaking as someone who has a sizeable investment in F1c I wouldn’t want to see this straight away, but we can’t leave it too long can we ?…..
Simon Dixon

A Poem ..
From: Adrian Bryant

Good morning   Roger.

Recently  the wife of a well-known modeller  died  and I had to sort  out some of the  stuff. I came  across this  short  poem. I don’t know if it is of any use to SEN.


As I lay upon my bed, I often wonder if Jim’s really wed.
All my wants are in vain, while big daddy works on his aeroplane.
My heart does pine for some wooin’, while that son of a gun is downstairs gluin’.
Yet I know all my woes will never come to bows.
For while the glue is down stairs dryin’, he will be upstairs really tryin’,
for some Glue, motors, Galloping Ghost, kits, plans and  of  course magazines …
A modeler is a magical creature. You can lock him out of the kitchen
but  you can’t lock him out of your  heart.
He’s my one and only good  for nothing bundle of worries but all my shattered dreams
come true when he  comes home from a weekend flying and looks  at me with bleary bloodshot  eyes and  says “Hi Honey, I’m  home”.

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