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SEN 2209

Table of Contents – SEN 2209 Team Selection process More crazy thoughts adding  to John’s SEN Rules and Geo Politics Europe – A Scottish Perspective European Defintion What could go… Continue reading SEN 2209

SEN 2208

Table of Contents – SEN 2208 The Euro Champs – A Scottish Perspective For Sale :new AA 30 mm VP front ends Is 5 out of 38 good or bad… Continue reading SEN 2208

SEN 2207

SEN 2207 –  Table of Contents GB’s View Walt’s View Contest Format GB’s view from across the pond From: George Batiuk Hi all! Just a couple of comments from far… Continue reading SEN 2207

SEN 2206

Table of Contents SEN 2206 Quote of the Day ” the more I practice, the luckier I get” – Arnold Palmer It is Skill It is Luck Daft Ideas ?… Continue reading SEN 2206

SEN 2205

Table of Contents – SEN 2205 Finals process Comment on Team Selection – Tom’s suggestion Fab – Feb/ Maxmen correction Finals process. From: Michael Achterberg Finals process. Personally I prefer… Continue reading SEN 2205

SEN 2204

Table of Contents SEN 2204 Sierra Cup USA Finals Rules Change Proposal 25.HEREND CUP and 3.BALATON CUP and HEC Invitation Sierra Cup Results Sierra Cup Oct 2-4 2106 Mike McKeever-CD… Continue reading SEN 2204

SEN 2203

Table of Contents – SEN 2203 SW FAI Challenge Palm and Win 10 Speed of Social media Fab Feb Update the 20th SOUTHWEST FAI CHALLENGE THE BEST FLYING SITE IN… Continue reading SEN 2203

SEN 2202

Table of Contents – SEN 2202 As seen from outside OWN A PIECE OF HISTORY Application for Team Manager of 2017 USA FAI Team 2016 Finals IP rated Fab feb… Continue reading SEN 2202

SEN 2201

Table of Contents – SEN 2201 Merry Smith’s Finals Flickr Fotos Squatter’s words Team Support Shirts Americas Cup World Cup Reminder Merry Smith’s Finals Flickr Fotos From: Merry Smith Team… Continue reading SEN 2201

SEN 2200

Table of Contents – SEN 2200 Squatter’s View of the Finals Timing C engine runs Thanks A & B guys Cooney F1B e-timer Query F1E Arizona Champs + Sierra Cup… Continue reading SEN 2200