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  1. The Euro Champs – A Scottish Perspective
  2. For Sale :new AA 30 mm VP front ends
  3. Is 5 out of 38 good or bad ?
  4. Has this horse been flogged to death … yet
  5. New geography
  6. Wow GB agreed with me

The Euro Champs – A Scottish Perspective
From: chris edge
Reverend SCAT,

Again we read that America should be in Europe but clearly geography (and geology ? Bernard Guest to comment please) are against it. I too have suggested Pan Am-type Champs before and it’s a shame that it didn’t take off but of course the Mongolian’s have successfully developed the Asian/Pacific Champs so maybe that’s something that could help you guys in the Americas.

Of course since June 23rd, Europe is no longer the same Europe due to Brexit (note to those unclear, Brexit means Brexit) and the likelihood of Grexit, Frexit and others. Compared to the English and Welsh, we Scots (and Northern Irish) had the good sense to vote to stay in Europe and so we will be eligible to compete in Euro Champs after Teresa fires the starting gun sometime next year. In the meantime I have the authority to invite all to prestigious FF and Haggis Herding (McKeevers take note) events in Scotland in 2017 and, furthermore, will be personally available for invites to Pam Am, Pan Cal, World Series or other non-European contests.
EoB – Europe on Board !

For Sale :new AA 30 mm VP front ends
From: John Clapp
Trying to downsize some of my extra parts.
I have 3 new AA 30mm VP front ends. ( never used)

One is missing 1 EZ clamp fitting. All have one bobbin for each. No nose

My surplus price is $375 ea   $1050 for all three units.

Will have at Boulder City or could mail for extra to cover post.

Please advise.

John Clapp  1 570-888-0997

Is 5 out of 38 good or bad ?
From: Ross Jahnke

Walt Ghio wrote: “We had thirty-eight contestants at the finals.  Of the
thirty-eight, five contestants who have not been a World Champs or Junior
World Champs team member.” This is either a very good statistic or a very
bad one. It either says that the qualification process is rigorous and
effective, or that there are very few modelers trying to make the team who
haven’t been part of the process for many years. If the latter is true, we
have a bigger problem than thermal vs.non-thermal rounds evening vs.
morning fly-offs.

Has this horse been flogged to death … yet
From: Michael Achterberg

George have you ever read or heard a Brit say he is European? Never!!! We are a fraternity of aged people that fly an old event. Free flight. It ain’t going to be around forever.
Why in the world would anyone object to opening up the Euros to all countries????
Here’s another one. Russia, Turkey,Israel, Ukraine have never called themselves European..  Not in any book I ever seen. And if you want to insult a Brit call him European..
I did that Stafford once and he unloaded on me, flat out stating he is British..
And Victor Stamov and I along with Mr Pimernoff tried many times to get this proposal thru. Only 3 people objected.. Fact..
Thermals, Michael Achterberg

New Geography?
From: Steve Helmick

When I was in school (so many years ago!) I really loved Geography. Geometry, not so much. But anyway, we were taught that the British Isles were definitely NOT part of Europe. Maybe they could come over and fly in The Colonies Champs?  It’d serve them right, you know. Thermals, Steve O’Bat

Wow Geo B agreed with me!

From: Michael Woodhouse
Thanks German George!

Roger Morrrell