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SEN 2206

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Quote of the Day ” the more I practice, the luckier I get” – Arnold Palmer

  1. It is Skill
  2. It is Luck
  3. Daft Ideas ?
  4. Lost SENs
  5. Subscribing and Changing SEN Details
  6. Final Finals Factoids

It is Skill 
All, I completely agree with Roger’s comment about the, F1B flyoff at the finals.  It was a great, sporting outcome.
Ed Carroll

It is Luck
From: Gaetano Vaccaro
Hi Roger,
I respectfully disagree with you. To suggest that flying fly off rounds in thermal conditions is good preparation for the same sub optimal conditions at the WC is like saying throwing the dice at a casino 1000 times is good preparation to win at Craps.

Daft Ideas ?
From: Michael Woodhouse

Open up the Euro Champs to non European countries. What a daft idea. Europe is Europe it thus only includes European countries.

This is about as daft as these World series events in various sports held in the USA. There is a lot lot more to the World than the USA.

If it was up to me I would prohibit World Cup events outside the Country who is the organiser. These events are not World Cup events, I for one will not enter them. I’m sorry if a country hasn’t got a field to run the event then Its simply tough.

I would also not allow a World Cup event added to a Championships. They are often badly run and distract from the real event. One of the best organised recent Championships was the 2012 Euro in Italy where there was no distraction of  aWorld Cup event.

Michael Woodhouse

Lost SENs
From: Dick Ivers
I didn’t get SEN 2203 and 2204. Curious if anybody else with the same omissions.

Dick, Back issue are on the the NFFS web Site – and the SEN web site
The NFFS  Web Site is updated faster than the SEN site.

I could also give you several conspiracy theory answers, the touble is people would probably believe them. 🙂

Subscribing and changing SEN details

At the bottom the the SEN that you get in the mail is a link that lets you change the details, including your email address.

It is VERY important that you know that this link is personal to each subscriber and if you get another person’s SEN then using that link will change their details, not yours!

If you want to subscribe by email you should go to

Final Finals Factoids

  • At the crack of dawn on the day after the Finals I came out of my 5th Wheel on the flying field, the weather was perfect, I looked around and saw only one car on the field, the only person out flying was Alex Andriukov… maybe he listened to Arnold Palmer.
  • Actually the next person after Alex was Greg Simon.  Greg was one of a number of people who had new airplanes that still needed some trimming. Greg was taking advantage of the excellent conditions before heading home to Michigan.
  • Ed Carroll breaks Bob Tymchek’s record.  When Bob made the USA Team a few years back he said it took him 35 years.  After making the team this year Ed revealed that his first attempt to make the team was when he was 18 years old. He was doing well but his only motor went off so he didn’t clinch the team spot. He made it this year, over 50 years later! Ed still has the enthousiasm of an 18 year old so must say something.

Roger Morrell