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SEN 2205

Table of Contents – SEN 2205

  1. Finals process
  2. Comment on Team Selection – Tom’s suggestion
  3. Fab – Feb/ Maxmen correction

Finals process.
From: Michael Achterberg

Finals process.
Personally I prefer multi contests that everyone attends anyway. Saves money. The cost of running finals is about $3500.00.
It’s not the Finals setup up per say. It’s the 2 year wait that kills interest and we lose more fliers.
Example. If we had the team picked and we had multi contests, those of us that had a bad week for whatever reason can say well damn it, but got to get ready for team selection contests in February for next cycle.. This is what’s missing. The carry over!  Not the fact that well maybe I will try again in 2 years.. It’s the 2 years to try again that is the killer. But I say this over and over, but no one seems to get it..
Now, if the Euro Champs would open up and we had a team selection event as the Finals every year this would be different.. No 2 year carry over to hold interest.
As for me, I like Toms ideas. But really wouldn’t help me on combo part of Finals. I had a prop fold on wing, spun in and Im done on combo placing. Shit happens. Maybe better luck in 2 long years.. We need to address the carry over effect and how the flyers perceive the wait time just to try again..
My thoughts as always is to create and hold interest from cycle to cycle..
Thermals, Dino

Comment on Team Selection – Tom’s suggestion
From: Roger Morrell

Tom is not correct, the second F1B contest at the finals was not won by luck, it was won by the person who picked the best air under fly off conditions of a short window and a lot of pressure. It happened the thermal conditions in that window were very difficult but that could happen in a World Champs too. The  World Champs don’t postpone the fly off until the next day to hopefully get perfect conditions, they fly it on the day if there is time available.   Free Flight as we fly it is not an event for the best model under perfect conditions, it’s a contest for flying model airplanes under the weather conditions as specified in the rules.  If we looked at the Kotuku World Cup flown at Lost Hills just a few days before it was won by Sevak Malhkasian  in the 7 minute FO round because he picked better air than the other 4: Walt Ghio, Alex Andriukov, Blake Jensen and  Marty Schroedter who all flew together.  The closer the selection events are flown to what is flown in the World Champs the better the team will do.  The non-flying nit-picking distractions of the Finals such as requiring a model certificate, having to use the organizer’s scales and spot checking are all present at a World Champs and are a distraction that has to be handled and overcome so their inclusion in the finals is an excellent idea and contributes to the selection of a stronger and well prepared team. Trying to create artificial conditions to select a better team is probably close to impossible given all the variables.

Fab – Feb/ Maxmen correction

There was a mistake in the Max Men schedule.  F1A & F1Q will be on Friday.  F1B, C & P will be on Saturday.

Bill Booth the Maxmen CD says that: “To fulfill some promises I made, looking forward  to 2018, the days will be reversed B, C & P will be Friday with A & Q on Saturday.  I
don’t mind if that is publicized, but make it clear it is 2018, not 2017.”

Roger Morrell