National Free Flight Society

SEN 3040

CD’s Report Results Jury Report 2022 United States FAI Free Flight Team Selection Contest   Contest Directors Report The US Team selection contest was held October 10th through October 14th… Continue reading SEN 3040

SEN 3039

Nelson Glow Plugs Sierra Cup Report and Results Lacey-Kerr Memorial – 2022 Dusty Finals Nelson Glow Plugs Last year the price for the Nelson glow plugs was increased due to… Continue reading SEN 3039

SEN 3038

F1B For Sale Keys Found Want it now F1B FOR SALE: From: Sevak -Electronic Stefanchuk 1720 F1B (VP hub) -Electronic Vivchar F1B (VP hub) -Mechanical F1B – NEW Vivchar Variable… Continue reading SEN 3038

SEN 3037

F1Q fly-off with 1 (one) Joule SEN stuff F1Q fly-off with 1 (one) Joule From:Urs Schaller On a recent competition we had one of these days everything seems to go… Continue reading SEN 3037

SEN 3036

Finals Flash 4 Ooops Finals Flash 4 Finals Update The third place fly offs are complete In F1A Brian Van Nest won a team spot over Jim Farmer and Guy… Continue reading SEN 3036

SEN 3035

USA Finals Flash #3 Team So far USA Finals Flash #3 Flash for third day…Walt Ghio is on the team in both F1B and F1C….Jeff Ellington and Guy Menanno fly off… Continue reading SEN 3035

SEN 3034

Finals Flash 2.5 Sierra Cup F1E Finals Flash 2.5 Brief report…the final team spot in F1B goes to….. Sevak Malkhasyan who topped Aram Achlosberg and Charlie Jones in a 10… Continue reading SEN 3034

SEN 3033

Finals Flash #2 US Team so far USA Finals Flash #2 From Lost Hills The latest results have Alex Andriukov a team spot with a fly off win against Charlie… Continue reading SEN 3033

SEN 3032

Finals Flash 1 CD Mike McKeever reported We have our first two Team Members: In F1A only Ken Bauer maxed out in a field of 10.  Qualifying for a third Team… Continue reading SEN 3032

SEN 3031

Kotuku F1S Next Year’s Sympo Kotuku F1S Missing from yesterday’s report F1S                 Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4 Rnd5    FO1        TOTAL 1  David Sechrist     120  120  120  120  120    600  130     730… Continue reading SEN 3031