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  1. Kotuku F1S
  2. Next Year’s Sympo

Kotuku F1S

Missing from yesterday’s report
F1S                 Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4 Rnd5    FO1        TOTAL
1  David Sechrist     120  120  120  120  120    600  130     730
2  Jack Murphy        120  120  120  120  120    600   88     688
3  Larry Norvall      120  120  120  120  120    600   63     663
4  Janna VanNest      120  120  102  120  120    582          582
5  Ben Tarcher         70  103   40  100   10    323          323

Next Year’s Sympo

Call for 2023 NFFS Symposium Papers

My Fellow Model Aeronauts, please consider putting forth your ideas to be published in the 2023 NFFS Symposium.

This years’ theme shall celebrate the desire to build, modify, and refine model aircraft that fly without control from the modeler. As a person that flies a variety of model aircraft; RC sailplanes, control line, and RC helicopter. I have thought much about why it is free flight that holds my interest the most.

In general terms the Symposium speaks of Practice and Theory. But more broadly submissions may be of models, competition, techniques, in flight hardware offerings, even perhaps articles that may be more literary- a story well told. the gamut really, if spoken well in words. If not, the editor will try and fix it… And of course charts, graphs and pictures are essentially helpful.
Early themes, synopsis, outlines or rough drafts should be submitted as soon as possible. Hopefully we can have concrete submissions defined (though not necessarily completely, edited and finished) by December 1.

I plan to do updates through social media including some ideas I have.
Best to email your Editor:
Bill Kuhl
311 Carimona St, Winona, Minnesota, 55987
Ph 507-450-0202