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F1Q fly-off with 1 (one) Joule

From:Urs Schaller

On a recent competition we had one of these days everything seems to go up, that somebody forgot to unleash the downdrafts and winds. At the end, we had 3 competitors in the fly-off. Despite being only 2 o’clock we decided to hold the fly-off immediately to allow competitors from abroad to reach home and the forecast gave rain in the afternoon.

First was the usual 6minute, 2 J flight. At the end all 3 models finished high up in the sky.

The next fly-off was called 8 minutes 2 J by the CD. I proposed to the competitors to decide themselves to fly with 10 second motor run, simulating 1 J of available energy, and 6min DT to decide a winner. It was done in this way and everybody was happy.

the big advantage of F1Q is to be able to quantify the energy according to the circumstances. The competitor can make fast changes just by pushing switches and doesn’t have to change the trim of the model. But the rules (3.8.8.d) consider only to downgrade eventually from 3 J to 2 J. It would be worthwhile to include also 1 J or even fraction of Joule as possibility. A good F1Q model with 1 J reaches about 40-50m height after motor stop. Enough height to consider such a flight a valuable fly-off alternative without losing models outside the flying field.



SEN Stuff

SEN publishes about FAI Free Flight using the information that you, the readers send us. This can be article like the one from Urs above, contest announcements and results, for sale or wanted , etc  We do not have a group of reporters that we send out to cover Free Flight events around the World  that, you the readers want.

To report on an event, specially in real time, even getting a report at the end of day really requires a person dedicated to the task. For example we got a few question about people wanting to know more about the USA Team Selection event, who was taking part, the round scores, the weather, etc.  We got flashes from the Mike McKeever, the CD on the field. Mike was the CD and his prime task, and really his only responsibility was to run the event, making sure that event was run correctly for those talking part. Even after the days flying is finished the CD still has work to do. So when reporting in SEN, even though I saw a couple of stray comments on social media I waited until I got the word from Mike  as I wanted a reliable source.  So thanks go to Mike for going this on top of his prime task.

Getting times by round requires that the times be captured electronically in the appropriate format. While this is not difficult, it does require finding the person to do it and figuring out how and where you are going to publish the information.

So people “especially” wanting USA Team Selection details, next time, talk with your TSC member and ask them or even offer to help and be the Press Officer !

I’m not picking on or complaining especially about the Finals because if we look at the calendar of World Cup events we certainly do not see them all reported on.  The only really reliable online place is the web site maintained by Ian Kaynes at ,,  and because that relies on the official report sent to Ian can be well after the fact. Looking today at the 2022 events I see 5 or 6 that have finished but not reported on yet. Judging by the number of people who wanted to know and thanked us or liked the associated FaceBook (Free Flight and SCAT groups) posting there is a significant community who is interested up to date information. Times are changing as we know only too well. We to keep up with the times and maintain interest we need to add getting the (electronic) press information or online contest results plan to the contest organizer’s to do list.

And yes I do run a major World Cup event and we do have real time online results at our event.

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Roger Morrell