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SEN 3038

  1. F1B For Sale
  2. Keys Found
  3. Want it now


From: Sevak
-Electronic Stefanchuk 1720 F1B (VP hub)
-Electronic Vivchar F1B (VP hub)
-Mechanical F1B

– NEW Vivchar Variable Pitch Hub
– AA 30mm Variable Pitch Hub with blades

Will being taking pictures and coming up with prices shortly. Also have some support gear and spare parts

Keys found

From: Janna VanNest

A set of keys were found at the last Lost Hills  contest. It has a red stretchy wrist band with 5 keys north of the flying site. Location was parking lot during WC. Contact Janna for return

Re: SEN 3037 – Want it now

From:Mike Schwartz
Roger, We live in the age of the computer and the internet. Everyone wants the news right now, forgetting that a human has to gather that information and making sure it is accurate. You have done a tremendous job with providing accurate information in a timely manner. Keep up the good work and we have to be more understanding of what it takes.