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Finals Flash 4

Finals Update

The third place fly offs are complete

In F1A Brian Van Nest won a team spot over Jim Farmer and Guy Goldstein.

In F1C Jeff Ellington took a team spot with a win over Guy Menanno

So final team placing are as follows:

Ken Bauer
Andrew Barron
Brian Van Nest
Anat Goldstein

Walt Ghio
Alex Andruikov
Sevak Malkhasyan
Aimee Raymond

Don Chesson
Walt Ghio
Jeff Ellington

CD Mike



From:Jerry Fitch

A Sick Joke
Did you hear the one about the FFWC team selection finals flyer who didn’t
pay attention to his time card, thought he maxed out, then protested there
must be some kind of mistake when he found out otherwise?

My humble apologies to the contest officials, timekeeper, and others
present for this unfortunate incident.

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Roger Morrell