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SEN 2860

What is F5J category ? Swiss Alps  About Altis Even more About Altis New Ideas and help come from everywhere = Innovation What is F5J category ?   Thanks,  Bill From:Bill… Continue reading SEN 2860

SEN 2859

“Altimeter” part of the Sporting Code Not happy with this – this is a different game October Forecast Altimeter part of the Sporting Code Seeing there is discussion around this… Continue reading SEN 2859

SEN 2858

CIAM Update Is this it CIAM Update From Antonis Papadopoulos, CIAM President Via FFN and other sources CIAM Bureau met on Saturday 5 of June and please find below the… Continue reading SEN 2858

SEN 2857

All-Tee Altimeters in fly offs All-Tee From: Tom Stalick Roger, Can you confirm the contact email for the All-Tee altimeter? I tried  , a few days ago but haven’t received a… Continue reading SEN 2857

SEN 2856

F1E World Championships F1E World Championships From:  Peter Brocks The 2021 F1E World Championships in Turda, Romania have been canceled. This is due to the willingness of only 6 countries… Continue reading SEN 2856

SEN 2855

Charging ahead, or not at the moment EDIC certified altimeter for Free Flight Announcement for SEN:  MMM 14-Round Contest Charging ahead, or not at the moment From: PAUL CROWLEY Roger,… Continue reading SEN 2855

SEN 2854

Hatcheck International Challenge Looking for Vivchar F1B prop hub Hatcheck International Challenge By Aram Schlosberg The weather that was calm and warm in the earlier week turned windy over the… Continue reading SEN 2854

SEN 2853

USA Junior Team Info Wanted: Mothballed F1C The Junior FAI F1ABP Team Selection Committee has made the decision to start the selection process beginning on June 1, 2021 and ending… Continue reading SEN 2853