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  1. Hatcheck International Challenge
  2. Looking for Vivchar F1B prop hub

Hatcheck International Challenge

By Aram Schlosberg

The weather that was calm and warm in the earlier week turned windy over the weekend blowing across the field from the west. On Sunday gusts peeked at 19 MPH, interspersed with calm periods. The contest coincided with a large Flying Aces meet with periodic mass launces and a few slept over on the field. Dave Acton CDed the FAI contest.

Jerry Gross is a new flier. Distant fliers include Dick Ivers, Igor Fradkin (Boston) and Alex Andriukov (Virginia).
The cross wind over the weekend was an issue for the large FAI events. In Q and B we flew in two modified formats. On Saturday Dick and I timed each other and agreed to DT our models at 2:00 and time them to the ground. Models stayed on the field and one flight was almost three minutes. Dick was flying a large direct drive Serg Vorvihvist model and mine is a direct drive based on a B-model that DTed at a slower rate which Dick considered as being a bit unfair.

On Sunday in B Alex and me agreed to an altimeter contest, DTing the models at 1:31 in the first two rounds and dropping the DT to 1:01 as the wind built up. Placing was based on the sum of the DT altitudes.  We generally flew within 30 seconds of each other. In the first round Alex’s model remained in a nice thermal but a large circle landed my model into a strong downdraft. In two rounds Alex was higher at the end of the climb.

My fourth flight landed on the opposite bank of the Wallkill river where it merges into a series of canals, the north-south one defining the east edge of the field. Although the model was visible in tall grass from the opposite bank there is no direct access. With Alex driving towards Pine Island and the help of Google earth we eventually managed to get 900 meters from the model according to iCare and then reach it on foot. It was hanging just over the river and I consider myself very luck. Unfortunately, after returning I managed to erased my flight’s data, getting an NA for that round.

The A-fliers flew from a point further west of the field, just ahead of the freshly planted corn fields to the west of the flying site which is a sod farm. They all maxed their second flights.  Next contest in a month (the Annual) will face growing corn on three sides.


Hatschek International Challenge
Wawaywanda NY,  May 12-23, 2021
Dave Acton CD

A         59   180   150  120 dnf   509 Peter Barron
A         99   180     0  120   69  468 Andrew Barron
A        180   180    43    6 dnf   409 Igor Fradkin

B      108.8  61.5 146.2 84.9 dnf 401.4 Alex Andriukov
B       26.5 106.9  87.1  NA  dnf 220.5 Aram Schlosberg
(DTed at 1:30 and 1:00. Results are in meters)

G         90   120    91  120   63  484 Don Rousseau
G        102    81    60   74   85  402 Jerry Gross
G       dnf   dnf    120   68  120  308 John Clapp
DT times
Q        162   149   128  176  148  763 Aram Schlosberg        163
Q        141   146   122  141  145  695 Dick Ivers              95
(DTed at 2:00, time to the ground)

A-elc    104   120   120            344 Drake Hooke

E-36      46    42    21            109 Drake Hooke

P-30     120   120   120            360 Ron Felix
P-30      76    79   120            275 Jerry Gross


Looking for Vivchar F1B prop hub

From: Stuart Darmon

Hi Roger,                 would you mind including this in SEN please?
Does anyone have a Vivchar F1B prop hub surplus to requirements? Ideally I’m after one of the early VP ones, but fixed pitch would be fine too. I’d also need the nose ring with DPR ‘claw’. If you have one you’re willing to sell I’d love to hear from you at
Thanks.                                Regards, Stuart