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From: Tom Stalick
Can you confirm the contact email for the All-Tee altimeter? I tried  , a few days ago but haven’t received a response yet.

Tom Stalick

Editor’s Comment
Tom, the article was cut and paste from FaceBook so I think the email is OK.  See Below. Probably super busy working with/on EDIC


Altimeters in fly offs

From: Allard Van Wallene

Dear SEN,
There appear to be sportsmen who are unaware of a new Sporting Code rule which was implemented some time ago as a fair alternative to the so called ‘DT fly off’ which has now been outlawed by CIAM. This rule provides a fair outcome of fly offs in World Cup competitions where conditions do not allow a regular fly off.
The latest version of the sporting code reads e.g. for F1A (similar rule applies for the other FF outdoor classes except F1E):

F1.1.4 Additional Flights in Open Internationals

In the specification of each outdoor free flight class a procedure is defined for additional flights to decide the individual placings when there is a tie. The maximum flight time is increased for each additional flight subject to conditions. This procedure must be followed at Championships and should be followed at Open Internationals.

At Open Internationals the organisers sometimes have a problem completing this regular procedure. For exceptional reasons of strong winds, poor visibility, inadequate field space, or unavailability of the field for continuation on the following day, Open Internationals may use a non-standard additional flight procedure for all outdoor F1 classes except F1E with the following conditions:

a) A non-standard procedure must be used ONLY for these exceptional reasons of strong winds, poor visibility, inadequate field space, or unavailability of the field for continuation on the following day.
b) An “altitude flyoff” may be specified when F1 altimeters have been approved by CIAM EDIC:
i) The procedures for a regular additional flight for the class are followed
ii) A maximum flight time is defined which should be at least two minutes.
iii) The flight is timed up to the maximum time
iv) For all competitors attaining the maximum flight time, the altitude of the model at the maximum flight time is read from the altimeter and for scoring purposes this value is rounded to the nearest metre.
v) The individual placings are determined by the highest altitudes for all flights attaining the maximum, followed by time order.
vi) Equal altitudes are considered to be a tie, which may be resolved by another additional flight.

To date, this has not been used as there are no EDIC certified altimeters for free flight. But this is about to change. You can pre order your altimeter at which is in the process of EDIC certification.

Note that such a certified altimeter will also do away with the ‘altimeter dance’ at the start of any fly off, as the altimeter is personal (coded electronically with the user’s FAI ID number) and the time keeper can verify that no pre recorded flights are in its memory (by a green flashing led on the altimeter).

So to all contest organisers and FF sportsmen, if you want to participate in a fly off using the above rule, get yourself an altimeter and join a fair outcome of your competition. About half of the first batch have been reserved so there are still available. Depending on demand, a new batch can be made available in due time when the world wide shortage in semiconductors has been solved.