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What is F5J category ?   Thanks,  Bill

From:Bill Schmidt

From the Sporting code

Class F5J –Electric Powered Thermal Duration Gliders
SC4_Vol_F5_Electric_21 Effective 1st January 2021

Page 25

Note:Refer to the Sporting Code volume EDIC –Electronic Devices in Competition, Section 1 “Technical Specifications & Guidance” for the documentation regarding specifications and guidance for the altimeter/motor run timer (AMRT)

The sporting code has much more details

In an over simplified explanation, in some classes R/C Soaring people launch their models with a winch.  For the contest organizer they can be a pain in the neck to set up, same thing when practicing. So, what about putting an electric motor on the glider and have it haul the model up to a fixed altitude.  You know this might be easier with the same soaring challenges.

Swiss Alps

From:William Damerell

I hope all well there.

Just to inform that the Swiss F1E Championship will be held this weekend in Wikartswil, Bern Oberland, Switzerland.

Herewith the l ink to the Championship invitation webpage:

Wish good flying across there.

Editor’s apology
William sorry for the delay in getting this out but be sure to let us know who won.


About Altis


About Altis! You can use Altis with separate Energy sensor in F1Q .Yours Teppo
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Even More About Altis

From:Urs Schaller

To Peter Becker
For Free Flight use of an Aerobtec Altis Micro or Nano is more than enough. If you want to know the max. height flight after flight you also need the Device Terminal. Personally, I look at the flights only after getting home and downloading all data to my pc.


New Ideas and help come from everywhere = Innovation

I continue to be surprised when I hear Free Flight Flyers in the USA complain about the content of the AMA’s magazine Model Aviation.  Even if we don’t fly R/C or C/L events we can learn from them.  The popular E-36/F1S event has benefitted for the evolution of electric power for model aircraft and even tiny details such what to use for a battery or motor connector or how to safely charge the LiPo batteries are invaluable for the FF electric flyer.  There has been several mentions of the Slovakian company AerobTec’s product Altis, that was made for R/C application but has been used in FF.  There are other companies who make similar flight instrumentation that have also been used.   Which HLG class did the discus launch first? And it makes it easier for the geezers who only read 2 pages of Model Aviation.