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CIAM Update

From Antonis Papadopoulos, CIAM President
Via FFN and other sources

CIAM Bureau met on Saturday 5 of June and please find below
the decisions for the following matters:

World / Continental Championships events.

for FFn the F1 events are listed here

2021 F1E World Championships rescheduled to 2023
2021 F1D World Championship December 2021, decision Sept 1`
2022 F1ABP Junior World Champs Bulgaria
2022 F1D World Championships Romania
2022 F1ABC European Champs North Macedonia
2022 F1E European Champs Romania
2023 F1ABC World Champs France
2023 F1ABP Junior European Champs France
2023 F1D European Champs Romania
2023 F1E World Champs Romania

World Cup / Open International events.

CIAM Bureau decided to allow the World Cup events to happen
after July 1st
. Each organizer with already registered for 2021
events, shall contact the World Cup coordinator of the specific
class and announce if the event will happen as scheduled (if the
event is planned from July 1st and thereafter) or if new dates are
to be scheduled or the event will be rescheduled for next year.
The events will happen if possible and if feasible. Each
organizer will have to inform in advance, the participants with
the local COVID-19 procedures in place for the event
according with the national restrictions applicable. Not all of
the countries are applying the same restrictions. It is highly
recommended for the organizers to read carefully the published

FAI Guidelines. This document is providing a lot of information
for what each organizer has to consider for a safe event.
Since for some of the disciplines, the planned events are not
possible to be rescheduled, each S/C will decide separately
about the future of World Cup ranking for 2021.

IK – discussions included the difficulty of travel and the
potential unfairness between countries, but the majority view
favoured starting activity in order to end the many months
without competitions. The comment about disciplines choosing
action applied to those with few events left in the year, unlike
free flight.

Juniors participation

Junior age limit eligibility was temporarily modified at the 2020
CIAM Plenary Meeting for the First Category events postponed
from 2020 to 2021 and for the 2021 F1 World Cup events.
For the 2022 World and/or Continental Championships and
World Cups, the existing rules as published in the CIAM
General Rules Volume Sporting Code will be applied.
Do not hesitate to contact CIAM Bureau, S/C Chairmen or
World Cup Coordinators for any additional information or


Is this it ?

From:Peter Becker

Altis- V4

Altis v4+

Approved for FAI F5J

Is this what one is looking for

Editor’s Answer.
With some additional information.
This is what one would be looking for if one were flying F5J.  That device and a number of others have been certifying for use in F5J events.  So, it is designed to fit the F5J rules, not the F1A rules.  The testing is very rigorous and if any hardware or firmware is changed the device must  be re-certified.
On the CIAM section of the FAI web site there is EDIC section that list all the devices that are certified, including the Altis device. There is also section with a certification document for each device describing the process and details such as hardware and software version.

There is also a White paper in the Free Flight section done a little while back that gives guidelines for potential electronic devices for measuring altitude, electric energy consumption and flight time.  At that time, the altitude had been used in some flyoff conditions and used not certifies devices.  While using these devices showed how altimeters could be used in some fly off conditions, it was clearly a work in progress. The process was cumbersome for the CD, there was no check on the accuracy of the altimeter, there was not a true tamper proof system and the way the results from the altimeter were displayed was different for each make and sometimes required jury help to analyze the results.  While this was not perfect it was essential as showed that the altitude could be used , what was needed in the rules and flying process and the  design and certification requirements  for  the Altimeter.

It is important to realize that this device is significantly different than the altimeters and timers that we use today in our free flight models.  While there are  timers with altimeters built in, the timers are quite complicated devices and adding the certification to the timer could increase the cost, make timer more complicated and delay any potential upgrades to the timer.  The altimeters we use have widely varying capability with lots of different capabilities, different flyers use the altimeters in different ways so altimeters match what the users want. By making the altimeter separate device it is easier to ensure the integrity of the device and add the same capability to any airplane.