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SEN 2820

Indoor Nats San Valeers Annual NFFS You Tube Channel 2021 Indoor Nats From:William  Shailor The Detroit Balsa Bugs and the Cloudbusters Model Airplane Club are honored to host the 2021… Continue reading SEN 2820

SEN 2819

The 2021 FAI Southwest Regionals Model Airplane Championships Flyoffs. Back in the good old days Fab Feb FollowUp Heads up for SoCal  locals San Valeers Annual The 2021 FAI Southwest… Continue reading SEN 2819

SEN 2818

5  for one ? When launching you must get your feet off the ground Helped ? Reinventing the Wheel 5  for one ? From:Alex Andriukov Good catch, Gil. I did… Continue reading SEN 2818

SEN 2817

Alex has wound it up. F1B winder……… no need for radical changes Never understood Alex has wound it up. From:Peter Brown Hi All Enough said. I will go with Alex.… Continue reading SEN 2817

SEN 2816

Whoops Jama drop, Jama flop and the Kamikaze launch. Some Musings on the Past and the Future of Competitive Model Flying Whoops We thought that SEN 2815 has been sent… Continue reading SEN 2816

SEN 2815

Do we really need to watch the winder? 7 is tight Fly-off in shifts – no need to re-invent the wheel Do we really need to watch the winder? From:… Continue reading SEN 2815

SEN 2814

Prewinding and flyoff in shifts? F1B answer is simple Thank you Charlie Don’t get into a panic Agree with Dino Prewinding and flyoff in shifts? From: Aram Schlosberg If B… Continue reading SEN 2814

SEN 2813

F1A Proposed proposal Falling down. I’m starting F1B but F1Aa break too I did read the rules Where is it written  ? (in the rule book ??) Simple is Better… Continue reading SEN 2813

SEN 2812

Wind and Fly ? Legal Wind It’s how fast you wind Free for all observation Looking for an Orca ? Wind and Fly ? From:Jerry Fitch I have always thought… Continue reading SEN 2812

SEN 2811

Fab February Postponed F1A proposal falling down OK with 7 Pro banning of “falling down” Fab February Postponed From :William Booth Covid & Fabulous February Health statistics published by the… Continue reading SEN 2811