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  1. Wind and Fly ?
  2. Legal Wind
  3. It’s how fast you wind
  4. Free for all observation
  5. Looking for an Orca ?

Wind and Fly ?

From:Jerry Fitch

I have always thought the “wind” part of the “wind and fly” language was
just a regrettably unedited and unintentional figure or habit of speech,
like “pack up and go” in the morning.  Who cares if you pack up tonight and
go tomorrow, or if you wind now and fly in 10 minutes?  What advantage does
pre-winding gain?  If anything it is a disadvantage, brain-spaced well
known sportsman notwithstanding.

What problem is solved by prohibiting winding before the window?  If it’s
about motor policing, aren’t those weighed, if at all, *after *the flight,
not before?

If there are any “founding fathers” out there who were present when the
rules were written, please educate me if this was indeed intentional, *and
why*,  and/or if it corrects some problem.  Absent one of these, I vote for
deleting all references to the time of winding in the flyoffs and rounds,
thus ending the confusion surrounding this subject.

semi-notorious sportsman, possibly

Legal Wind

From:Michael J Woodhouse

There was no criticism of the flyer. It was legal as it was wound before the round and no time is specified as to when. I wrote it as a criticism of the rule basically we had 3 minutes taken away then given back. Actually it was an improvement. The rule did not mention what happened if this early wind resulted in a motor break. In reality no motor had been wound as it broke! So dump the rule.

Michael Woodhouse

It’s how fast you wind

From: Aram Schlosberg

Roger, As a competitor, the fast winders have a significant advantage by for example  having 6 instead of 5 minutes to fly. (1/6 more flying time.) Case in point I take 2 minutes to wind and another local flyer  – Brian Paccelli takes one minute .
The preferred setting is to ignore how many motors one prewinds and only start when all timers are ready. Aram

Free for all observation

I’m assuming that a potential issue with a “wind any time you like” would be the need , at a World Champs at least for the time keeper to observe the winding.  My other assumption, is that in the case of those who commented above – Mike, Jerry and Aram, that they would not want anyone else to wind for them any way !

Looking for an Orca ?


Please publish. Hope all is well with you.

Looking for the coordinates for the Orca  wing airfoil referred to as BE + SIS.
Can anyone help?
Paul Crowley