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  1. Alex has wound it up.
  2. F1B winder………
  3. no need for radical changes
  4. Never understood

Alex has wound it up.

From:Peter Brown

Hi All
Enough said.
I will go with Alex.

Peter Brown UK F1B flyer.


F1B winder………

From : kuflik Shmuel

For my opinion lets compromise. make the fly off to 9 minutes winding in the old roll (in the working time)
It is only 2 more minutes it is like winding before the seven minutes one motor ….
And every body happy

Good day all

No need for radical changes

From:Gil Hagay

The proposed change in the F1B rules in relation to fly-off flights has provoked a whole range of views. The rule change was offered in order to reduce the working time available to competitors in fly-offs and to equalize it to F1A/F1C classes. This ignores the differences in preparation time required in those classes and might lead to a situation where tearing a rubber engine/s will call into question the possibility of flying at all in the remaining time. It does not seem fair. On the other hand, an opinion was presented that seeks to remove any restriction on the period on which the winding is performed and it was also implied to remove restriction even on the identity of the winder since serious fliers will not allow others to wind their rubber engines. This too is an extreme position as it will create an advantage for a competitor who has a loyal winder/s who will wind the rubber engines to the limit while the competitor only concentrates on flying. This will change F1B to a team sport which is off-course not desired.

In my opinion there is no need for radical changes and it is enough to keep the current rule in which a competitor can wind as many rubber engines as he want before the fly-off but to clarify that he can use all or part of them during the fly-off. This will clear the current ambiguous rule which interpretation and purpose is clear only to special few. I definitely agree with Alex that there is no need for the timekeepers to follow the competitor while winding but this cannot derogate the rule mandating self-winding. In the end this is a sport of gentlemen and the competitors will follow the rule even though not mandatory inspected by the timekeepers.


Gil Hagay

Never understood

From:Michael Achterberg

Hello.  I agree with Alex and what he wrote..Much to do about nothing!! I have never understood the rule that the timer had to watch the participants winding a motor.. Has it ever been an issue that someone else wound a motor for another flyer?? Why is it a rule anyway? Who cares?? In my case would love to be able to have someone wind my motors. I have a serious back issue and it is a problem till have surgery to fuse 2 vertebrae together.  It would allow me the opportunity to fly. But the rule states have to wind your own motor.
Not really sure why??