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SEN 2818

  1. 5  for one ?
  2. When launching you must get your feet off the ground
  3. Helped ?
  4. Reinventing the Wheel

5  for one ?

From:Alex Andriukov

Good catch, Gil. I did not think about this situation. Yes, we cannot allow
5 friends to simultaneously wind 5 motors for one guy in fly off.

Alex Andriukov

Editor’s Comment … I must admit that with say 7 people in the fly off, 35 people all winding, truly a spectacle to behold


When launching you must get your feet off the ground *

From:Stuart Darmon

it would certainly make it easier for newcomers if the guy who built your model could also wind it for you. Given the risk of injury, launching should probably be left to professionals too.

* F1B maxim


Helped ?

From:Ross Jahnke

I like Alex’s suggestion.

And he can wind my motors any time he likes.

… wait in line …

Reinventing the Wheel

from: Aram Schlosberg
In SEN 2815 Tapio Linkosalo described the Finnish flyoff in shifts. Historically it pairs up A-fliers who timed each other and then retrieved their models. So, if X and Y are the portions that maxed in each shift and X > Y, then (X-Y) of the top non-maxed fliers (NMF) from the shift with Y% maxes are advance with their time deficits.
For example, if X=90% and Y=10%, 80% of the top-NMF advance from the shift with less maxes, or an overall advancement of 90%. As few fliers were eliminated shift flyoffs were not practiced and they just faded from the rule book.
But large 6-minute flyoffs are an unwieldy beast. Too many (black) models are simultaneously in the air; the flight lines are exceedingly long and the poles at each end have an inbuilt advantage. Recruiting even one timer per pole at large flyoffs in Lost Hills takes lots of begging and pleading by the CD; and flyoffs are always delayed.
Instead, a reduction formula (X-Y)/N (N>1) to specify the portion of top-NMF from the shift with less maxes is more potent. In the example above only 40% (N=2) or 26.6% (N=3) of the top-NMF advanced respectively. The overall advance, including the top-NMF, is 70% and 63.33% respectively.
I’m suggesting that when at least half the flyers in an event are maxed out, that an option to hold a split flyoff with a reduction formula (X-Y)/N N=2 or 3 for the top-NMF in the flyoff shift with less maxes be reinstated the sporting rule book.