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SEN 2574

70th Annual Inter-City Meet Brodersen FAI Challenge Old Friends from Russia Editor’s Comments on Russian Reports Detroit Balsa Bugs 70th Annual Inter-City Meet June 15th & 16th, 2019 AMA Field… Continue reading SEN 2574

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More From Russia DT Fly Off Local So Cal News Lost Hills Perris CHARLIE PRIMBS More from Russia From Ron Felix Hi Roger, Since Ismet Yurtseven left Nartkala before F1C… Continue reading SEN 2573

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A View from the Store The Search THE 2019 FREE FLIGHT FORUM REPORT- IT’S A BUMPER ISSUE Helping Out A View from the Store It’s ALL depending on demand. I’ve… Continue reading SEN 2572

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Where is Bezos when you need him USFFC Where is Bezos when you need him From: Ross Jahnke   Roger, Purchasing free flight equipment and supplies is very challenging, compared… Continue reading SEN 2571

SEN 2570

NALOEV CUP 2019 –  F1A Day, Unoffical Results F1B Results SEN Subscribers on Yahoo Mail NALOEV CUP 2019 –  F1A Day, Unoffical Results From: Ismet Yurtseven Good evening fom Kabardino-Balkaria… Continue reading SEN 2570

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Helping out FFQ#71 has appeared ELBRUS CUP 2019 – UNOFFICIAL RESULTS Helping out Notice in the last SEN the message from Andew Barron talking about Wawayanda and the Nats.  Andrew… Continue reading SEN 2569

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CIAM Report Automated Timing Observations Thermiksense 2019 CIAM PLENARY MEETING By Ian Kaynes – From Free Flight News* The CIAM meetings held in Lausanne were Bureau meeting on April 4… Continue reading SEN 2568

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China trip  report The Cutting Edge Some Barron Field Contest dates and a Nats Invitation My China trip. From: Brian Van Nest My China trip. It started when I landed… Continue reading SEN 2567

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CIAM Flash Gimme some of that Gummi SEN Tradition May ’99 Clone? Semi-old style razor blades CIAM Flash According to a FB post 2012 Senior F1ABC World Champs and Junior… Continue reading SEN 2566

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May 1999 Rubber –  20th Anniversary Edition SCAT Annual Report and Results For America’s Cup CDs May 1999 Rubber –  20th Anniversary Edition May99 Ltd is proud to announce pre-ordering… Continue reading SEN 2565