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Where is Bezos when you need him

From: Ross Jahnke



Purchasing free flight equipment and supplies is very challenging, compared

to the purchase of other items in todays marketplace. Read facebook free

flight posts and you see all sorts of enquiries about where to get

thus-and-such. I am putting together an F1Q and have had to scour the

internet to find drivetrain parts, and order from multiple suppliers using

multiple payment methods. The experience is the same with my rubber models,

and my Sci-Only student’s glider supplies. Some suppliers (not in the F1Q

case) only want cash or checks (tax dodging???), others Western Union bank

transfers, while others take credit cards and Paypal. I spent 45 minutes in

a very public corner of the local CVS trying to make a WU payment. Let’s

leave Western Union for the Nigerian princes.

I would *love* an Amazon-style site where the manufacturers perform order

fulfillment, but search and payment are through a single secure 21st

century system like Paypal or credit card. This system would cost money,

adding 5%-10% to the cost of goods, but the increased traffic would improve

exposure and sales. We don’t need fulfillment centers, and parts

made-to-order would still be a major component of the industry. I would

never expect next day delivery on a Magic Timer or a carbon DLG tailboom,

but the ability to see and order both at the same time with one payment

would be lovely, and habit forming.

And though it would not bring young people flooding to the field, it would

remove a significant deterrent to entry. When you have to buy form ten

suppliers using five payment method, some sketchy, just to get set up to

fly P30, an R/C trainer from Hobby King with all accessories in one

shopping cart, with one click payment becomes attractive. Younger people

(those not eligible for AARP membership) are familiar and comfortable with

modern internet purchasing practices. And before we get the “this sport is

already too expensive” argument, remember that people will pay $2,500 for a

bespoken single speed bike without fenders, just to get a kevlar reenforced

belt drivetrain and hand-sewn leather grips, just to ride to the coffee

shop for a $6 latte.

I do not know how to build this, but there must be people among us who have

tech experience that could. It would take cooperation, and a level of

transparency that some of our suppliers may not be willing to provide. But

those who participated would benefit and grow their business, and those who

want to fly something new, would have an easier time getting the parts.



USFFC at Lost Hills

This event will be held at Lost Hills 12-14 October.  This is the week end before the F1ABC World  Champs and the same weekend as the Sierra Cup.  These events will be coordinating field set up and usage.

The Official Flyer for the event is in a format (kind of a matrix with 3 columns and 5 or 6 rows)  that is difficult to include as because of the way SEN I delivered and often read on a mobile device.

We have it here:  But you can get it in the original format from  the Lost Hills web site . The link is below

October 12 – 14, 2019 at Lost Hills, CA – Category II – AMA Sanction – National Cup Events

 Saturday October 12 7 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Modern Events
A Electric P-30*
Moffett and Mulvihill Catapult Glider* Pen (Jr and Op
A Gas* C/D Gas*

                NOSTALGIA EVENTS

Nostalgia Electric
Early 1/2 A Nostalgia
Golden Age
Nostalgia Rubber Large & Small
1/4  A Gas Nost.
A Gas Nost.


Classic Towline* Jimmy Allen Classic A/B Gas*

1/2 A Texaco (ROG)
Texaco (ROG)
A Pylon / A Fuselage
B/C Pylon / B/C Fuselage
.020 Replica

Sunday October 13 7 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Modern Events
A Electric P-30*
Moffett and Mulvihill
Hand Launch Glider* Pen (Jr and Open) 1/2 A
B Gas*

Nostalgia Electric
Early 1/2 A Nostalgia
Golden Age
Nostalgia Rubber Large & Small
1/2 A Gas Nost.
B Gas Nost.
C Gas Nost

Classic Towline* Classic 1/2 A Gas* Jimmy A

NOTE: Old Timer Only…ALL O/T Events
can be flown any day at any time during the
You do not have to start and finish the sam
Gollywock Mass Launch7:30 a.m.
E36 Mass Launch 8am HLG Mass Launch 8:30am
Twin Pusher Mass Launch 9 am E36 Mass Launc
Night Gas

  Monday October 14 7 a.m. – 3 p.m.
            Modern Events

Vintage FAI Power (see notes) Super D
Pro P-30

Gollywock one design 3X3

Nostalgia Electric
Early 1/2 A Nostalgia
Golden Age
Nostalgia Rubber Large & Small

Classic Towline* Classic C/D Gas* Jimm

Small Rubber Stick
Small Rubber Cabin
Large Rubber Stick
Large Rubber Cabin / 8 oz. Wakefield

US FF CHAMPS REGISTRATION: Proof of current AMA Membership and current Lost Hill’s Membership required.

$30 includes first Event.   Additional events are $10 each.  Gold card $75 includes unlimited event.    Juniors $5 per event with awards in all events.

Awards: Cash: Five or more flyers 1st/$50, 2nd/$25, 3rd/$15.

Four flyers 1st/$25, 2nd/$15.

Three flyers 1st/ $15.

Two flyers 1st/$5

JR EVENTS will be 1st/$15, 2nd/$10, 3rd/ $5.

Sweepstakes: $100 cash

Lost Hills Member’s Meeting, Saturday, October 12 at 6:30 p.m. at CD table


All Engine Runs and Max Times are per the AMA Rule Book and NFFS Official Competition Rules.

Events on Multiple days to be completed on the day flown

Timecards: Submit timecards to CD table or event table after each official flight.


Hand Launch and Catapult Glider will be flown from a pen – submit time cards to CD table every two flights.

Vintage FAI Power: First Flight 8:30am-9:00am Time to the ground. Then Four 1-hour rounds. All 4 remaining flights 180 Sec Max. Then Fly offs.

Sweepstakes Total time for a maximum of 5 AMA events as indicated by *.

Contest Director ‘Glenn Schneider’
Lost Hills Web Site:

Link to original flyer.