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May 1999 Rubber –  20th Anniversary Edition
May99 Ltd is proud to announce pre-ordering for cloned rubber from the world-renounced batch originally released in May 1999. Details of how to order and other information is given below.


In rubber-powered model aircraft flying the highest energy storage ever measured came from the famous May 1999 batch produced in the USA. Over the years, as chemical formulations have by necessity been changed, batches of later rubber never matched those of May 1999 and, despite fragility, this rubber batch is still chosen for competition indoor model flying world-wide. As such the limited supplies have dwindled to the point where May 1999 is now a traded commodity and has been bought up by investors, never to be used for it’s manufactured purchase.


Over the last 20 years many technical developments in material and biological reproduction have led to perfect clones being produced (think Dolly the sheep, Brian the Silver Egret and Cleopatra the Komodo Dragon amongst others). In conjunction with these institutions, May99 Ltd started a development programme to see if it was possible to ‘clone’ organic rubber, the results being so successful that we are now able to offer ‘May 99 20th Anniversary Edition’ (M9920AE) to model flyers on a pre-order basis.


Obviously our IP will not be disclosed but needless to say we can create exact copies or ‘clones’ of the rubber constituent even down to the position in the batch length;  it is well know for example that ‘Position 94’ is the best section of all the May 1999 rubber.  In simple terms we use a proprietary technique to characterise the specific rubber sample and then create a 4D printed ‘carrier’ for as long a length as is required. The specific elastomer solution is then in effect ‘grown’ on the carrier with the mechanical and physical (ie, texture and finish)  properties being identical to the original. Energy storage values, stretch ratios, Skipyogi coefficient, and wind/un-wind parameters are then checked against the original to validate that the product meets the characteristics of the original; this data is supplied to the end user and, importantly, guaranteed.

To ensure a perfect reproduction of a given material, a sample of the original product is required and it is from this that the M9920AE will be provided to each purchaser. So rest assured that if you have a sample of ‘Position 94’ then that is what will be provided, so as to exactly reproduce what you will experience when currently winding and flying.


May99 Ltd are currently taking pre-orders for M9920AE via an e-mail to To book your slot on the production line we are offering a one-day offer that will require no advanced payment ! You will simply be asked to provide a sample of 30grms of the May 1999 you wish to be made and a shipping date and final pricing structure (depending on amounts required etc) will be supplied. Note that the cloning process will result in the necessary destruction of  your provided sample but rest assured that the M9920AE provided will be an exact copy. A minimum order of 2kgs will be required but larger batches can be produced up to a maximum of 1000kgs. As a collectors item the first 99 orders will receive their product in special packaging replete with commemorative pink identification ribbon !


As part of the agreement to reproduce May 1999, May99 Ltd has bought all rights to the name and use of certain words associated with it. Accordingly the use of the words or phrases ‘May 99’, ‘May 1999’, ‘5/99’, ‘May 99 rubber’, and ‘leopard-skin accessories’ will be subject to a public performance license. Un-licensed use of these words or phrases in writing or non-contextual speech will result in a writ from Sue Grabbit-Runne of our legal team and, if legal sanction is pursued, is ultimately punishable by death.

Future Developments

We are aware that flyers of Vintage and Classic rubber models could also benefit from this technology and to that end we are been steadily creating a database of past elastomer types. We expect in late 2019 to be able to offer batches of material that are best suited to these classes of models; so far we have planned for Dunlop 6010, Catons Aerostrip and USRC T-56.  For modellers of the 1970s we are working on an exact reproduction of Fillati that replicates the poor winding performance and random breakages beloved of those times; the circular ‘Lacron’ product is also being developed – e-mail for updates on this and other options.


Under US consumer law we are required to give the following warning :-

Use of May 99 20th Anniversary Edition may cause uncontrollable sweating, nausea and vomiting if used outdoors or in a covered space, potentially resulting in death to the user. May 99 20th Anniversary Edition should not be used if you have eaten within the last 24 days or if you have ingested water within the last 36 hours. Do not order May 99 20th Anniversary Edition if you have a mortgage or any financial loans. Do not touch, lick, or otherwise insert May 99 20th Anniversary Edition in to your body if taking adult performance-enhancing medication as it could lead to permanent dis-function.

SCAT Annual 2019
Lost Hills, CA
March 23-24, 2019

The weather forecast showed a wet breezy Saturday until 11:00 am then calm and dry. I left home on Thursday and had heavy rain over the grapevine (I5) but arrival at Lost Hills which did not show that it had rained there.  I loaded up the Loaf (my 1985 Winnebago), stopped at the sheds and got my motorcycle. Brian Van Nest was there without his 5th wheel. He was heading to LAX for China on Sunday. Guy Menanno was there in his trailer but with no truck—- it was at VB’s in lost hills getting a new-used rear end. Brian and I had prefect LDA test weather and flew to dark.

Next morning, Friday, more great weather— just as the weather forecast said.
Early Saturday during the night the wind came up. At 7 am I set the start line just on the sheep mowed grass, about 600 yards north of the north boundary road. 3 to 4 m/s wind from the west toward the pits  with heavy mist so the max time was reduced from 4 to 3 minutes.  All 26 flyers in F1A,B,C maxed the first round.
Then light rain started, wind started rotating to the north per the forecast. 23 of the 26 maxed the second round. Third round was similar with some models within 100 yards of the trees.
The fourth round start saw wind increasing to 5-6 m/s from the north towards the trees and the rain shower got heavier.  I call a 30 minute delay.  Max time was reduced to 150 seconds and the flying continued. 20 of 26 maxed the.
The 11 am forecast of no rain and light breeze did not happen. The flying was not in the usual short sleeve and shorts but the thermals were consistent. At the end of 7 rounds, 3 of 10 where clean in F1A, 9 of 11 clean in F1B and only USA Team member Taron Malkhasyan was clean of the 5 F1C flyers.  Ben Tarcher was the only F1Q flyer putting in 6 maxes and decided not to fly the last round. Noa Goldstein won junior Glider high time.
The rain had stopped but the wind continued. At 4:30 I moved the line northeast but stayed 200 yards back from the north dirt road to stay away from the turbulence of the hills and pits.
F1B flew first, the wind has dropped some.  I believe Sevak launched first within the 1st minute and was soon followed by everyone but Roger who was having model problems.  Roger got the model off into good air. Only he, Sevac and Walt maxed.
F1A was next, Shlomi moved up wind to the east, Mike just a bit up and to the west and Kyle moved slightly behind the line. Shlomi looked to have good lift on the line, had a good launch and I was thinking another flyoff would be needed.  Mike launched but the air not as good as we thought. Kyle launched last, his “conventional” airfoil model rode the light air better for the win beating Shlomi by 10 seconds landing short of the RV area.

F1B flyoff two, 8 minute max turned out to be the picture perfect weather we dream of. My memory is not clear but I think Sevak launch first again, climb not as high as the previous. Walt had a good climb. Roger had a problem and a non-optimum climb. So we had a gliding contest with no obvious up or down air. Sevak won by 10 seconds over Walt. This also earned Sevak the 20 something top F1A,B,C top time and a crisp $100 bill.

Sunday morning was as the forecast predicted, calm and dry and warmer, it did get to 69 degrees— not quite the 70 degrees I promised Walt.
The mini events flew the flight to the ground which turns out this year that none were needed. Tiff won F1G and I won F1H with the only 5 round max outs. Ben Tarcher beat out Bill Gannon in F1S.
Some the AMA events can be flown either on Saturday or Sunday so the Nostalgia Wake, Nostalgia ABC and Vintage FAI flew Sunday. Larry Norval was pleasantly surprised to have another Nostalgia Wake flyer, Ates Gurcan.  Larry won with a 3 second short of the 4 minute max second flyoff flight. I understand Mike Davis was trimming his Nostalgia wake but did not enter. Ates also won P-30. Ates also signed up to be a timer at the World Championships in October.  Contact Brian Van Nest to do the same

Glenn Schneider won Nostalgia ABC and Randy Secor won Vintage FAI.  It was great having the power guys— they had a great time.

The awards were presented and most everyone packed up and left.  I used the great weather and tested my new M&K flapper — I’m very happy. I stayed over Monday for a bit more testing. Guy Menanno stayed Sunday night too, he still did not have his truck back. He rode his motorcycle to VB’s Monday and at 5 pm was about ready to get his truck.

Thermals,  Jim Parker
ps. For two years now, no E36, ½ A Nostalgia or Classic Towline. If none in 2020, strike 3 and these events will be dropped.

  2019 SCAT Annual,  Lost Hills, CA

    March 23-24, 2019
CD: Jim Parker

F1A                   180    180    180    150    150    180    180    360        Total
1    Kyle Jones           180    180    180    150    150    180    180    257        1457
2    Shlomi Rosenzweig    180    180    180    150    150    180    180    247        1447
3    Mike McKeever        180    180    180    150    150    180    180    205        1405
4    Jim Parker   Nest    180    180    122    150    150    180    180            1142
6    Guy Goldstein        180    124    180    150    150    165    180            1129
7    Noa Goldstein        180    10    180    148    10    180    180            888
8    Peter Allnutt        180    168    96    dnf    dnf    dnf    dnf            444
9    Ken Bauer    180     180    0    dnf    dnf    dnf    dnf            360
10    Tomer Obligenarz    180    0    dnf    dnf    dnf    dnf    dnf            180

F1B        180    180    180    150    150    180    180    360    480    Total
1    Sevak Malkhasyan    180    180    180    150    150    180    180    360    395    1955
2    Walt Ghio           180    180    180    150    150    180    180    360    382    1942
3    Roger Morrell       180    180    180    150    150    180    180    360    176    1736
4    Tomer Obligenarz    180    180    180    150    150    180    180    348        1548
5    Bill Booth          180    180    180    150    150    180    180    317        1517
6    Charlie Jones       180    180    180    150    150    180    180    306        1506
7    Blake Jensen        180    180    180    150    150    180    180    250        1450
8    Mike Davis          180    180    180    150    150    180    180    241        1441
9    Larry Norval        180    180    180    150    150    180    180    239        1439
10    Jerry Fitch         180    180    180    150    150    157    180            1177
11    Marty Schroedter    180    180    152    150    150    173    dnf            985

F1C              180    180    180    150    150    180    180            Total
1    Taron Malkhasyan         180    180    180    150    150    180    180            1200
2    Daryl Perkins            180    180    180    150    150    94    dnf            934
3    Terry Kerger             180    180    180    dnf    dnf    dnf    dnf            540
4    Gantolga Luvsantseren    180    180    180    dnf    dnf    dnf    dnf            540
5    Guy Menanno              180    180    0    dnf    dnf    dnf    dnf            360

F1G                   120    120    120    120    120        To Grnd            Total
1    Tiff O’Dell      120    120    120    120    120        255            600
2    Geralyn Jones    120    120    118    113    120        196            591

F1H        120    120    120    120    120        To Grnd            Total
1    Jim Parker    120    120    120    120    120        218            600
2    Blake Jensen  120    108    120    120    120        239            588
3    Kyle Jones    120    120    91    120    120        179            571

F1Q        180    180    180    150    150    180    180            Total
1    Ben Tarcher     180    180    180    150    150    180    180            1200

F1S    120    120    120    120    120            To Grnd            Total
1    Ben Tarcher     55    120    95    74    120        98            562
2    Bill Gannon     83    106    70    120    66        110            555

Nostalgia Wakefield
1    Larry Norval    120    180    240    240    237                    1017
2    Ates Gurcan     120    180    240    submax                        540

Vintage FAI
1    Randy Secor        233    180    180    180    180                    953
2    Glenn Schneider    259    180    130    180    180                    929
3    Terry Kerger       149    167    180    180    180                    856
4    Jim Kelly          161    129    180    128    180                    778

Nostalgia ABC
1    Glenn Schneider    180    180    180    180    180                    720
2    Randy Secor        180    180    180    129    dnf                    669
3    Jim Kelly          135    146    180    dnf    dnf                    461

For America’s Cup CDs
From: James Parker

Reminder,  2019 Am Cup Fee late fee increases to $50 on April 2, 2019. Currently missing: North America Champs, San Val Spring, Intercity, Hoosier, Big Al’s, Huron Cup, NW Classic, NW FF Champs, Broderson, Canadian Cup.  If the contest is not being held this year, please drop me an email at . The fees sent and postmarked April 1, 2019 or earlier is $30. Make checks out to SCAT and send to Jim Parker 25018 Wintergreen CT, Stevenson Ranch, CA 91381