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  1. CIAM Flash
  2. Gimme some of that Gummi
  3. SEN Tradition
  4. May ’99 Clone?
  5. Semi-old style razor blades

CIAM Flash
According to a FB post 2012 Senior F1ABC World Champs and Junior Euro Champs to France.
Not seen any other reports from the CIAM Meeting

Gimme some of that Gummi
I’d like to order one ton of
20th Anniversary Edition-May 1999 Rubber
Delivery on april 1 2020
Payment will be made April 1 2099
Nice joke!
Giancarlo Polla

SEN Tradition
We have had some great April pieces – The first were done Anselmo Zeri and then by Allard van Wallene, who worked with Anselmo. May 99 Ltd is from another place because it is Ltd otherwise it would be May 99 NV.

 May ’99 Clone?
From: Fred T.
Hmm, May  ’99 Rubber Clone, and April 1st, 2019? Are we fools or is this just a coincidence? No wonder I do not fly rubber events. 😉

Editor – it was April 1

Semi-old style razor blades
Seen on Amazon (and tested by the best) Very thin, very hard,  don’t bend in razor planes.

* Treet Carbon Steel Razor Blades
* 10 Packs of 10 Blades per Pack for a Total of 100 Blades
* Highest quality blades made to fit different double edge safety razors
* Each blade is individually wax paper wrapped

These fit razor planes and are favored by some for indoor modelers and tissue trimming.  Real old-style are single edge ….