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SEN 2297

Double Standards Results of USA Pre- CIAM Survey Double Standards From:Damjan Zulic Hi Roger With my comment about possible abuse of electronics in FF I just wanted to point out… Continue reading SEN 2297

SEN 2296

End of Rumor – new GPS tracker GPS – SEN 2295 Pre- CIAM Meeting comments End of Rumor – new GPS tracker From: ffelectronics Hi Roger, This is to quit… Continue reading SEN 2296

SEN 2295

John O’Donnell Memorial page Rumors Babenko F1C Proposal John O’Donnell Memorial page John’s Son has started a page:- Rumors The reason why we printed Mike the Dino’s  GPS piece… Continue reading SEN 2295

SEN 2294

JOD passes THE NEW 2017 FREE FLIGHT FORUM REPORT Dino Discussion Big Al’s Contest Replacement Rumor Dept JOD passes From Mike Fantham Roger, I read on the Hip Pocket Forum… Continue reading SEN 2294

SEN 2293

Big Al’s first event at Lost Hills Big Als 2017 More Mulligans ? Searching for the tracker Big Al’s first event at Lost Hills From: Walt Ghio The Bissonnette Memorial… Continue reading SEN 2293

SEN 2292

  ADT for all ! Keep 20 Scrap 20 Reminder   ADT for all ! From:chris.edge Captain SCAT, I think Tmat is conflating a number of different arguments in SEN… Continue reading SEN 2292

SEN 2291

  20 second attempt rule – safety issue? 20 second serve   20 second attempt rule – safety issue? From: Tony Mathews Some years ago I had a conversation with… Continue reading SEN 2291

SEN 2290

Selling F1A & set of wings 20 second rule-please keep it! The carbon Wing and one more Selling F1A & set of wings Mike Thompson For Sale: Stamov long model… Continue reading SEN 2290

SEN 2289

  Joachim Löffler 20 or Not ? 20 sec rule Stepan’s Wings     Joachim Löffler From FB Sad news for all free flight pilots, on Friday has died Joachim… Continue reading SEN 2289

SEN 2288

The 20-second rule 20 seconds = Risk vs Reward Stefanchuk’s new wings Stepan on   Stefanchuk’s new wings ATTENTION F1E FLYERS The 20-second rule From: aram schlosberg There are a number… Continue reading SEN 2288