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  1. Double Standards
  2. Results of USA Pre- CIAM Survey

Double Standards
From:Damjan Zulic

Hi Roger
With my comment about possible abuse of electronics in FF I just wanted to point out double standards with some suggestions.

I know that the use of a closed loop feed back systems is forbidden. But I also know, that the existing technology allows it and that nobody controls that. The use of a RC device to trim models also isn’t somewhat of a novelty. Oleg Stoev even publicly promoted the system with which you can manouver your model  by smartphone. But even though I want to believe and I do believe that competitors don’t use that in competitions.

On the matter of said in the comments and suggestions it just doesn’t feel right to me that everybody have been focusing just on the possible abuse of the RDT system (Which to be honest is much more complicated and risky to addapt in the F1C and F1B category than it is in the F1A category)
Regards, Damjan

Results of USA Pre- CIAM Survey
From : Chuck Etherington

The results of the opinion poll entitled ‘CIAM Plenary Meeting Vote 2017’ can be viewed at the link below. You will be able to see the results for each yes/no question and the comments but no associated names. Please keep in mind that these are the opinions of U.S. FAI flyers to help with the CIAM FF Technical Subcommittee and Plenary discussions. The actual voting on the proposals will take place this Friday and Saturday. Thanks so much for your participation.

this is a copy of the output in PDF format

– Chuck E.