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JOD passes
From Mike Fantham


I read on the Hip Pocket Forum that John O’Donnell has passed on after a
fall   May he rest in peace.

He was inducted into the NFFS Hall of Fame in 2011.

Mike Fantham

With thirteen contributors covering a wide range of free-flight topics the latest Free Flight Forum Report has just been published. For thirty-three years these Reports have covered a wide range of free-flight topics and this year is no exception, as the following contents list shows. Be the envy of your friends and get yours now.

A Lightweight Power Model Starter Box – Simon Dixon; Jigs and Fixtures – Mike Woodhouse; Measuring the Shape of Aerofoils: Knowing What You’ve Got and How to Evaluate it! – Alan Brocklehurst; Sopwith Snipe – Mike Smith; Encouraging Children to Fly Free-Flight – Martin Pike; An Altogether Different Man’s Approach to F1A Glider – Stuart Darmon; Developments with Carbon Skin Wings – Mick Lester; Buying Parts and Subcontracting Work Out – Mike Woodhouse; A Removable Radio Dethermaliser – Russell Peers; Calculations on Non-Smooth Aerofoils at Low Reynolds Numbers: The Potential Benefits of  Lumps and Bumps! –     Alan Brocklehurst; Cheapo Carbon Tubes in Lightweight Flying Surfaces – Gavin Manion;  Life as an Aeromodeller Editor – Andrew Boddington; Aeromodeller Covers – Andrew Crisp; To Buy or Not to Buy – John Carter; My Approach to Buying F1C Models and Components –  Ken Faux; Notable Models of 2016.

The UK price is £12.00 including postage; to Europe it’s £15 and everywhere else £17. Sales of the Forum Reports help to defray the heavy expenses of those representing Great Britain at World and European Free-Flight Championships. Cheques should be payable to ‘BMFA F/F Team Support Fund’ in pounds sterling, drawn on a bank with a UK branch; you may also order by credit card, which is a lot easier (and cheaper).

Copies are available from :         Martin Dilly
20, Links Road,
West Wickham,

or by  phone or fax to: (44) + (0)20-8777-5533, or by e-mail to .

Dino Discussion
From: chris.edge

Primate SCAT,

The Dino is correct to identify other rules for discussion. I guess we could all pick our sacred cows and enter in to a long debate, but there is another way.

Why not say you can wipe the slate clean and start again, first setting out the criteria for allowable 2nd scoring attempts. From that you could then define a rule that meets that criteria; sounds like a plan ? So here’s my starter for 10 :-

Criteria for 2nd Scoring Attempts :
Any action outside the control of the competitor that doesn’t allow his/her model to perform in a expected manner.

Rule to Meet Criteria :

If requested by the competitor or assigned Team Manager, a competitor shall be allowed a 2nd scoring attempt in cases where actions outside the control of the competitor have resulted in a flight not continuing in a expected manner. Such cases include but are not limited to :-

Collision of model to model,
Collision of towline to gliding model,
Instruction of contest director to terminate flight*
(Add others in here that meet the above criteria)

The 2nd scoring attempt shall be made within the round period only.

Comments :

1)*If we go to RCDT for all classes then I see a case where, for safety reasons, a CD SHOULD require all models in flight to be DT’d down, and in such cases this should not affect the competitor’s score for that flight.
2) Maybe someone out there much better than may can remove the problematic subjective word, in this case ‘expected’.


Big Al’s Contest Replacement
From: Ed Carroll

Roger, I plan to CD a new Annual on that date, details to follow . Eddie

Rumor Dept
From: Michael Achterberg
Gps. Just a heads up.. The long awaited GPS from Massimo is about to be released. It has lots of extra bells and whistles included. Will be available in mid May. Been years in development and at reasonable price.  The final testing cycle is being done now and will debut in Romania on May 14. Well at least that is target date. You can expect the same high quality that he produces in all his electronics and timers. I hope to have one at Big Al’s.