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  1. Joachim Löffler
  2. 20 or Not ?
  3. 20 sec rule
  4. Stepan’s Wings



Joachim Löffler
From FB
Sad news for all free flight pilots, on Friday has died Joachim Löffler (GER). We mourn for a big model pilot who became 76 years old. His funeral taks plase on the 12th of April in Kröbeln, Germany.

Michael Jäckel

Joachim Löffler  was a regular F1B  participant in the 1960s and 70s. He was F1B  World Champion in 1963 and 1973

20 or Not ?

From: Stuart Darmon

Hi Roger,
Aram Schlosberg is right to consider the negatives of abandoning the 20 second attempt rule- by discussing rule proposals we help avoid unintended consequences. However I strongly agree with your counter argument. It’s always seemed perverse to me that a guy can make two or three catastrophic mistakes during a contest yet end up beating people who have dropped a couple of seconds. I would also make a few further points: First, a glider prematurely released by the helper doesn’t come under the 20- second rule, as the lpennant has not detatched and therefore timing han’t begun. Second, retaining the rule except for when the model DT’s would be a disaster as it would encourage people to let their model crash- usually near the flight line- rather than hit the button. As for jettisoning expendable components on DT, that would be counter-productive as it would mean that any RDT at any time during the timed flight would result in a no-flight, negating the most useful tactical use of RDT. As you point out, we are in the position at the moment of trying to reduce flyoffs to managable numbers while at the same time letting people who have knocked themselves out of contention in through the back door- neither logical nor sporting.
Regards, Stuart

20 sec rule
From: Bernhard Schwendemann

Aram Schlosberg points out, the 20 sec rule was cancelled many years ago and re-installed a short time later.
He proposes to cancel the 20 sec rule in case of DT, only. But this rule was already valid some years ago and also cancelled a short time later.
At the end both cancellations of the 20 sec rule were withdraw after a short period due to massive objections.

There was also a „pro“ argument in the last SEN – based on the level at world championships. But we make rules for all competitions, not for the absolute experts on high level only. Your rules are valid for regional events with beginners, too. Thus we should give some tolerance, as stated by Aram.

Bernhard Schwendemann

Stepan’s Wings
Are there any wing drawings, airfoils, photos, etc. of the SS wings as related to item (3) in SEN 2288

Alberto Dona

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