National Free Flight Society

SEN 2021

Table of Contents – SEN 2021 Kommunication is King on C RDT Remote Dethernalization of F1C Models – Kaynes Further RDT Clarification – Etherington Allards F1C reply Dino on SEN… Continue reading SEN 2021

SEN 2020

Table of Content – SEN 2020 It’s the flappers and folders not the gears Argentinean freeflight National 2015 2015 Big Al’s Contest Report Marty Thompson F1C….RDT Possible interpretation. F1C question… Continue reading SEN 2020

SEN 2019

Table of Contents – SEN 2019 Response to Allard’s F1C comments More on the F1C petition F1C RDT Rule – what’s in it? Few and far between Hotel for MMM… Continue reading SEN 2019

SEN 2018

Table of Contents – SEN 2018 F1C Petition The Glass is only 25% full for a Dino Still looking for a RDT explantion RDT in Practice F1C 4 Seconds Engine… Continue reading SEN 2018

SEN 2016

Table of Contents – SEN 2016 Ron Pollard Correction C Test ? Stonehenge and Equinox Cups – Info and Entry Forms Rest of .. F1C RDT Conversation from FB Ron… Continue reading SEN 2016

SEN 2015

Table of Contents – SEN 2015 Ron Pollard SEN 2014 and C Testing the new CIAM rules Dino to C Boys Low Cost F1A Ron Pollard From Michael Woodhouse on… Continue reading SEN 2015

SEN 2014

SEN 2014 – table of Contents F1C and the CIAM Chris and Damjan on FB RDT on FB Who attended the CIAM FF Tech meeting F1C and the CIAM We… Continue reading SEN 2014

SEN 2013

Table of Contents – SEN 2013 More from FB on F1C SEN and E-36/F1S USA source for some competition Engines F1C week at Lost Hills 36th MMM 14 Round FAI… Continue reading SEN 2013

SEN 2012

Table of Contents – SEN 2012 Plan books for sale The Doc on C and P East on C Where is the tipping point tipping us? Misc Planbooks for Sale… Continue reading SEN 2012

SEN 2011

SEN 2011 – Table of Contents Photos from Oz F1C Rules – Zulic There is an opportunity there … F1C Rules – Dixon Sick Rules Dude Photos from Narrandera and… Continue reading SEN 2011