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SEN 2013

Table of Contents – SEN 2013

  1. More from FB on F1C
  2. SEN and E-36/F1S
  3. USA source for some competition Engines
  4. F1C week at Lost Hills
  5. 36th MMM 14 Round FAI event
  6. Simple F1G models

SCAT member Comments from FB F1C

The Models I fly against at Lost Hills during World Cup Contests that are doing 10 min are your folders and flappers…my direct drive fixed wing models are at best good for 7- 7.5 min not 10 min ..The factory team is being timed doing 10 min at LH.

I agree with Mike A’s approach ..keep 5 sec for direct drive fixed wing models and 4.5 for the folders / flappers ..At least the playing field is closer…

I don’t know the numbers of F1C flyers  in Europe, but I am sure there are quite a few that cannot afford new F1c’s and are still flying Direct Drive Fixed winged F1C’s … I really hope something can be done with the rules to keep us in the game …otherwise F1C class with diminish quickly…

Randy Secor

SEN & E36/F1S

From:     Peter Tolhurst

Dear Roger

As a respite from the F1A/B&C “discussions”, I’d like to seek some information on E36/F1S please.

In the latest (May) issue of Free Flight News, a report on the recent CIAM meeting said “Discussing their proposal, USA stated that they (sic) one reason they wanted F1S was to eliminate small changes that had been brought in (by) some countries when they had adopted the event.” Ian Kaynes tells me that no further details were provided to the meeting.

Via SEN, would the US proposer please identify the countries that have adopted changes, and what those changes are. I thought that I was reasonably au fait with what was/is happening in Europe on E36 and the citing of spec changes came as a complete surprise.

Many thanks

Peter Tolhurst

Editors comment – Peter, some of the dicussion I saw was drawing a parallel with P-30 saying that P-30 was not a FAI class but was flown in many countries with no issues. At that point someone listed the different P30 variants and they decided that they saw that happening with E-36 too and did not think it was a good idea.  I do not know if any difference had arisen yet with E-36, we will see what people say.

USA source for some Competition engines


A quick reply (ad plug)  to Mr. Glenn Schneider comments:

We do carry the Fora, Profi and other brands .049, .061, .15 size

competition engines,


F1C week at Lost Hills

From:     Roger Simpson

There are a number of F1C  fliers (including the entire USA F1C team for the

2015 World Championships this summer) who are arriving early at Lost Hills

for testing, demonstrating, comraderie, wine-ing, dining,  etc.,  before

flying in the Big Al’s Americas Cup contest on the weekend of May 23 – 24.

Three of us will be at the field starting Tuesday may 16th, with the others

arriving on the Wednesday.

Come on out and join us, see the latest in direct drive engines and props,

gear engines, fixed wing models, and the latest folders, and flappers.

There will also be the latest setups in electronic timers, servo setups with

rotating disks and the latest in concealed servo with only miniature release

arms showing.

These latest models were labeled “crash prone” by a former F1C flier who has

never flown a flapper or a folder model, they are reliable, and spectacular

to fly (especially the folder which is probably the easiest F1C model I have

ever flown).

Come on out, get educated, watch us enjoy ourselves while we still can!

Everyone is welcome!!!

Roger Simpson

36th Annual MMM 14 Round FAI Annual

from Jerry Murphy

Hello out there in F1C land,

This year’s MMM Club’s 14 round FAI Annual will be one of the last times you will be able to enjoy F1C flying at the full engine run.  Also, team members this contest will give you an opportunity to test your models at an altitude closer to that of the World champs field.

The entry form is also available on the MMM Club’s web site

Sure hope you can take advantage of this opportunity to also gather points in two American Cup and World Cup events over a single weekend.


Jerry Murphy

9 Via Escondido Valle

Manitou Springs, CO 80829

Looking for Simple F1G models

.  F1G looks like it is approaching the complication of F1C

or F1B and not what I am looking for.


Dave Jones

Dave – there are quite a number of people who  fly simple F1G models with great success – so if reader have suggests send them and we will publish them for Dave and like minded searchers


Roger Morrell