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SEN 2019

Table of Contents – SEN 2019

  1. Response to Allard’s F1C comments
  2. More on the F1C petition
  3. F1C RDT Rule – what’s in it?
  4. Few and far between
  5. Hotel for MMM events in Colorado
  6. Summer in Sweden

Response to Allards F1C comments
From: John Cuthbert

I have known Allard for many, many years and have huge respect for him as a F1A flyer, model designer and Carbon engineer, but I have to say that his knowledge of how F1C engines and airframes work is flawed. Put in simple terms a geared engined F1C accelerates very quickly for 2 seconds then continues for the remainder of the run at the same speed ( approx 60 mph). A straight drive engine accelerates slowly due to lack of initial propeller thrust but continues to accelerate all through the engine run, due mainly to the fact that a straight drive engine unwinds more than a geared engine in the climb.(typically from 30500 rpm to 34,000 rpm) For this reason a straight drive model on the old 7 second engine run would be higher than a geared engine on 7 seconds (tried and tested). So the 4 second run will kill the straight drive engine performance just when it is about to get going. In simple terms it will not be competitive.

As regards the perceived increased penalty for flapper/folders with the shorter run. These models get higher because of lower drag from the wing, and irrespective of engine type or length of engine run will continue to do so. Less drag equates to higher speed and greater acceleration, Fact. The more you reduce the engine run the bigger the advantage you hand to the geared engine and flapper/folder concept. So in one full swoop the new rule has handed an even greater advantage to the high specification/ more expensive end of the discipline. And finally, while I do respect that everyone is entitled to their opinion, freedom of speech and all that, I do get concerned when people who have never flown the class express their opinions on it, which only results in mis-information and blind alleys, particularly when technical issues are being discussed. This situation can only be resolved by those who are directly involved in it.

Regards, John Cuthbert.

More on the F1C petition

(we got this as the previous SEN was going out)

From: Leslie Farkas

Hello Roger,
Would you be so kind and publish this in your next SEN.
Thanking you in advance.Leslie
We reached the point that the individual complaints must be followed by action. All competitors who object to the CIAM changes, should sign the petition here below which will be sent to Mr. Ian Kaynes with the request to cancel or at least delay the four seconds engine run for F1C . If our sport is to survive for future generations, it is time that the mainstream sportsman’s interest must be considered before any rule changes are implemented.

For the petition, please click on the following website.

F1C RDT Rule – what’s in it?

A regular SEN contributor Damjan Zulic suggested that people wait for the wording of the rule. This is further brought out by other posting such as Ed Carroll’s where he talks about his use of Babenko’d RDT and Aram’s where he point out some issue and talks about different approaches.

In reading all of this materiel it is event more apparent that work needs to be done on the details and there are very many possible interpretations about exactly what an RDT should do and how it should be used.
For example you have an RDT that cuts the motor and D/Ts the model but does not open the wings on a folder, and the sportsman could have no intention of every using it until after the motor had stopped. This would probably comply with the letter of the as yet unspecified rule but how do you judge the intent of the sportsman.

Few and far between

from hiflyin01

I think it’s funny how things are interpreted by others, whom that don’t fly C.

At the Big Als contest this weekend, lots of conversation about the new rules. To me, C is over. So many negative outlooks. The solution is so easy. I am sad.

I wish we could sit down with the rule committee and come to a better solution, so both sides could win. There is no way to make everyone happy. Compromise, meet in the middle.

2015 for now, is the last year for me as a C flyer. Onto bigger and better things. A depressing end to years of work from so many.

Jeff Ellington

Hotel for the FAI Annual and Rocky Mt Champs

From: Jerry Murphy

The Super 8 Motel located near the intersection of Parker Rd and Colorado 470
has offered us a special rate of $89.10 per night for a room with two queen beds.
The tax adds another $4.00 to bring the total to $93.10 per night.

There is a limited number of rooms available at this rate so be sure to make your reservations soon.

6230 E Pine Ln, Parker, CO 80138
(720) 851-2644

Be sure to ask for the MMM Special rate.

Scandanavian Free Flight Week

Summer in Sweden at the end of June

June 25 (Thursday)

Swedish Cup. F1A, F1B F1C and F1Q. (World Cup)

June 26 (Friday)

Danish Cup. F1A, F1B F1C and F1Q. (World Cup)

June 27 (Saturday)
Small Swedish Cup. F1H, F1G, F1J, F1P, P-30, E36, HKG and KPG.

June 28 (Sunday)
Norwegian Cup. F1A, F1B F1C and F1Q. (World Cup)

July 29 (Monday)
Reserve contest day for all contests.

Go to the web site to enter. Pre-entry is a must to get access tot he flying site.

Already a good number of entries

Roger Morrell