National Free Flight Society

SEN 1917

SEN 1917 – Table of Contents F1C For Sale SE FAI Flash Confessions .. Mike and Mongolia FOR SALE: F1C models »set« in excellent condition : -model Verbitsky classic ,… Continue reading SEN 1917

SEN 1916

Table of Contents – SEN 1916 Link to Results from Croatia Patterson Flyer Looking for M&K Hook Cal FAI Invitational Correction Link to Results from Croatia Good weekend… Continue reading SEN 1916

SEN 1915

Table of Contents – SEN 1915 Up coming non-FF at Perris Up coming elsewhere 40 years of California FAI Invitational Croatia Cup Links Up coming R/C Soaring events at Perris… Continue reading SEN 1915

SEN 1914

Table Of Contents – SEN 1914 California FAI Invitational and Canada Cup Results Dear Roger Attached are the results of my contest, I was lucky again to be blessed with… Continue reading SEN 1914

SEN 1913

SEN 1913 – Table of Contents SW FAI LH Lost and Items for sale FFQ Sierra Flash 18th SOUTHWEST FAI CHALLENGE Sunday, October 19 & Monday, October 20, 2014 BOULDER… Continue reading SEN 1913

SEN 1912

SEN 1912 This Loooong Weekend at Lost Hills Executive Summary Saturday Livotto + Canada Cup – World Cup Sunday – Livotto + Sierra Cup Mini Events + Free (to Sierra… Continue reading SEN 1912

SEN 1911

Table of Contents – SEN 1911 Champs dates Jerry McGlashan Stepanchuk Shipment World Champs dates? Does anyone know the expected dates of the world champs? Carrol Allen Carroll, assuming you… Continue reading SEN 1911

SEN 1910

Table of Contents – SEN 1909 Looking for Stamov Short Models Stamov Parts in the USA Seen at the USFFC Looking for Stamov Short Models Roland Koglot is asking for… Continue reading SEN 1910

SEN 1908

Table of Contents – SEN 1908 Lime Juice USFFC Flash Towline Source Livotto and Canada Cup In the Press Limeys All Juiced up An interesting negative slant on Mongolia. Come… Continue reading SEN 1908