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SEN 1917

SEN 1917 – Table of Contents

  1. F1C For Sale
  2. SE FAI Flash
  3. Confessions ..
  4. Mike and Mongolia

F1C models »set« in excellent condition :

-model Verbitsky classic , direct drive VE engine with RDT
-model Verbitsky-Babenko, gearbox VE engine with RDT
-folder Babenko-gearbox VE engine with RDT
-folder Babenko-gearbox VE engine
-3 sets – four blades gearbox
-one folder wings (older, repaired-for reserve… )
-Sidus RDT with two transmitters + RDT servo with adapter
– also included starter, accumulators, model box (old)

Purchase is only available in a set.

A few photos in Fb :

Damjan Zulic

SW FAI Challenge Flash


1. Kyle Jones

2. Jim Parker

3. Andrew Barron


!. Alex Andriukov

2. Tom Vaccaro

3. Bill Booth

For those who count the numbers Alex 136m of altitude to get his 7:24 time, about a minute more than Tom.


1. Don Chesson

2. Ron Mc Burnett

3. Faust Parker

Full results later

Confession of an Aerodynamicist

Speaking with Pete McQuade, F1A sportsman from Colorado, Engineer, (former ?) Professor at the US Air Force Academy, Aerodynamicist, etc

Pete did a survey of his F1A ‘stable’ and found that the models that were the most accurately built where the airfoil conformed to the airfoil specifications flew the best! So I guess this debunks the approach of drawing you wing airfoil around the edge of show works as good as anything else. So Pete did a new model construction activity to build 2 new F1A gliders pay much more attention to conforming to airfoil specs. He paid a lot of attentions to proper wing jigs and molds, laser cut ribs etc , and the 2 new airplanes just fly better! So Pete how many years of higher education and Air Force experience told you this? Sorry I could not resist. But seriously, I’m not sure if anyone had done an honest comparison like Pete did before checking the dimension of the airfoil and how close it was to spec and see a direct correlation with model performance. It does show directly the benefits of accurate construction.

Mongolia 2015
A couple of weeks ago I qualified to represent the UK at the World Free Flight Championships in Mongolia. To publicise the trip I made contact with our local Newspaper. The paper did an article, see the link below. The paper has a TV channel “Mustard TV” who picked up the item. The channel produced a piece for the local news. So a video link.
I look forward to your comments!!!!!!!!
Finally “Mustard TV” wants me to come in and chat on their forthcoming Monday (27th) lunchtime programme!

Michael Woodhouse

Roger Morrell